The Art of the Start: How 4% of Your Time can Generate 64% of your Results with Bing Ads

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Have you considered Bing Ads as part of your SEM advertising mix? If you haven't, you're missing out. Learn how investing only 4% of your time can generate 64% of your results with a quick hack to get started with Bing Ads. Presented by Powered by Search and Bing Ads at Microsof Canada's headquarters.


  • 1. The Art of the Start.How 4% of your time can generate 64% of your results with bingads.

2. Dev 3. Are you familiar with the 80/20rule? 4. 20% of YourEfforts willGenerate 80%Of marketingResults. 5. Sadly, most of you arent leveraging Online Advertising well. 6. maispourquoi? 7. As a Marketer You dont Have Enough:TimeBudgetAttentionResources 8. I get it. Marketing is hard.So lets focus on maximizing your returns on minimized time investment. 9. How about getting 64%of your results from 4%of your efforts? 10. (80/20) 11. Leverage Bing Ads to out-do your competition. 12. Get access to 3M Canadians who dont use Google. 13. Thats 10%of the Canadian population! 14. Would you rather pay $0.96 or$3.30 for a click? 15. Thats 71%more cost effective traffic. 16. Would you ratherguess what to doorknow what to do? 17. Competitor Insights You Cant Get with Google. 18. How do I get started? 19. Import your Adwords Campaigns in 10 Minutes 20. Profit. 21. Use our Dos & Don'ts PPC Cheat Sheet 22. Thanks! 23.