Social Media Marketing: Google+ & Google+ Business

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  2. 2. Google+ G+ is similar to Facebook - has business pages and profiles, more for professional use. Great for connecting with other local businesses. Find professionals in your industry as well as groups that can help you and your business. Your business page is also your Google+ My Business page, formerly Google Maps. It is a good idea to keep your personal page for insights, personal thoughts, etc, business page for business only.
  3. 3. Google+ My Business Google+ My Business is a combination of G+ Business Pages and Google Places (maps). Make sure your profile pages are completely filled out. You can use a business location or a service area. You CAN use both now. See Google Help article: See Hook SEO blog for information for 24/7 hours. Positive Reviews here help your search rank on Google.
  4. 4. WHAT CAN I DO NOW? 1. Create Original Content. 2. Completely fill out all profile information for all platforms. 3. Start Engaging Your Customers. 4. Cross Promote In Real Life and Online
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