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  • Mobile Couture & Commerce: Shopping Cart Abandonment & Check-out Optimization Uniting Physical & Digital User Experiences for Maximum Return

  • Couture & Commerce Everywhere: Extraordinary Experience = Increased conversion & measurable return

  • Future of Couture & Commerce: Customer Centric & Seamless People-powered intelligent commerce (Know me & Show me) Shift from Brand Stories to People Stories Builds rich profiles by engaging across channels & using data to create hyper-relevant product

    recommendations for enhanced shopping experiences New Top eCommerce Metrics: engagement, satisfaction, content and community interaction, to

    promote conversion, loyalty, advocacy

    Mobile Strategy: Leverage Experience Everywhere for Conversion

  • Mobile App Innovations: Best in Fashion + Best in Technology = Best Customer Experience & Rich Profile Data

  • Ready to create the store of the future and bring the best digital, mobile and physical experience to your customer? Visit to sign up for news about this revoluIonary sizing technology. To schedule a complimentary consultaIon with Eran Barzilay, Sizer CEO and Betsy Emery MarIn, shopping cart abandonment and eCommerce opImizaIon guru about integraIng Sizer into your

    plaMorm, please contact , 212-863-4183.