Promoting your business visually via instagram

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How to use Instagram to promote your business. Tips and tactics on how you can be using the social media app Instgram to promote your business online as well as setting up the app and your account.

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  • 1. #mymoTraining @mymoTrainingPromoting your Business visually via InstagramPlease post your questions throughout

2. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining What well cover in this Instagram Hangout What is InstagramSetting up your Instagram account Important features Instagram VideoTop Strategy 3. #mymoTraining @mymoTrainingInstagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your lifeInstagram is a photo and video sharing service which requires a smart phone appAll photos must be cropped into a square and they can be filtered and rotated.It supports sharing to other networksYou have the options to add hashtags and captionsYou can follow, mention and like on 4. #mymoTraining @mymoTrainingStats100 million monthly active users40 million photos per day8500 likes per second1000 comments per 5. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining Setting up your account There is no specific business account for Instagram. If you already have the app just log out of your personal profile and create a new account for your businessWhen you are viewing your profile you can log out by clicking the cog on the top right hand corner of the screenOnce you have logged out you can create a new account for your business using your company name.You cannot have spaces in your user nameIf you dont already have Instagram on your phone you will need to download the app 6. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining What next? 1. Take a picture or video2. Choose a filter to transform its look and feel3. Give the photo a caption using hashtags4. Post the photo to Instagram or other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and 7. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining Important features Photo Map This is an important and useful feature as it puts your business on the map. It allows you to show where you have taken your photo. This can be used to promote your business name.E.g. We tag our photos as being taken from Business Training MadeYou have the option to do this when writing your photo/video caption. Just select add to photo map and name your location in the search bar.If your location doesnt already exist you can create a custom 8. #mymoTraining 9. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining Tagging You also have the option of tagging people in your photosThis encourages engagement and lets others know more about youSelect the add people option after you are given the option to add a caption to your image.Click the person on the picture who you are taggingSearch for the name your want to tagSimilar to tagging someone on Facebook 10. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining Hashtags Hastags allow all you to find your followers and share your photos with more peopleTips Be specific The more specific you are the easier it will be for others to see your pictures as your hashtag will be added to that targeted pageBe relevant Relevant hashtags will attract new followers and people who take a genuine interest in your businessBe observant Pay attention to hashtags that other similar industries and businesses use. You might discover a popular hashtag you had never thought 11. #mymoTraining 12. #mymoTraining 13. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining Instagram videoTo record a video:1. Tap at the bottom of the app to switch from either camera to video 2. Press and hold the camera button to start recording 3. Lift your finger off the button when you wish to stop recording 4. Tap next to beautify your video by adding a filter 5. Then go on to share your 14. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining Instagram video featuresEditing You can delete unwanted past frames by clicking the arrowwith a cross Length Instagram offers 15 seconds of video twice as long as Vine! Tap to focus When you are filming you can tap the screen to focus on the center point of your videoChoose the thumbnail image You have the option to select the best image from the film. This is an important feature as it gives the first impression of your video.Filters There are a choice of 13 filters to choose 15. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining 16. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining How you can use Instagram video Video testimonialsInsights to your office/businessAnnouncement of new products and servicesAnswering FAQsRecording important 17. #mymoTraining Top Strategy Tips@mymoTrainingBalance fun images with pictures from your businessCross post your images to your Facebook Page with a hashtagEmbed Instagram video in your blog or websiteFollow your followers backShowcase photos of 18. #mymoTraining @mymoTrainingUse Statigram to find other brands and hashtags that relate to your brand and follow themExpose something new e.g. share photos of a broadcast that is just about to happenCapture important moments for your company and share with your followers so they feel includedReward your followers, give them a reason to follow you by running competitions with your 19. #mymoTraining @mymoTraining??Questions ? 20. Follow us on Instagram 21. Follow us for hints & tips, current Social Media news and course information @mymoTraining #mymoTraining +BusinesstrainingmadesimpleCoUk