Promoting Your Law Firm on Instagram

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Instagram is the forgotten and overlooked social media platform for entrepreneurs and certainly attorneys. But as they say, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Instagram can be effective in branding and telling a story through pictures about you and your firm. Give it a try!


  • 1. PROMOTING YOUR LAWFIRM ON INSTAGRAMBrought to you by SocialProf (a division of DK Media Group, LLC)P O Box 630, Lithonia, GA 919-0660 [office cell]

2. WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME? 2 B.A.s from Oglethorpe University(political science andcommunications) J.D. from University of Georgia M.B.A. from Kennesaw State Owner of Kendrick Law Practice Over 1,600 Instagram followers andclimbing at a rate of 4 followers aday (as of Oct. 25th, 2015) 3. CONSULT STATE BARRULES!Disclaimer: As with all advertising thatlawyers and law firms conduct, pleaseconsult your respective State Bar rules onmarketing and communications withprospective clients. SocialProf is notresponsible for any violations of State Barrules that arise out of this presentation or anyother material provided by SocialProf. 4. CREATE A PROFILE Instagram allows for more creativityin your profile picture but do besemi-professional Try to use the same username thatyou use in other social mediaplatforms for easy find Use keywords in your bio Add your website 5. ADDCONNECTIONS &FRIENDS Connect your Facebook and Twitteraccount Go to add friends under settings It will ask if you want to follow all ofyour Facebook friends Once you follow, usually peoplefollow back 6. USE HASHTAGS Just like Twitter, use hashtags andmentions to brand yourself and firmand to make it easier to find yourcontent by others Ex. #DKMediaMatters,#DarshunSpeaks, #BizInspiration Make it something unique enough foryourself and Firm Use consistently and encourage othersto search for content based onhashtags Ex. Guess who just joined @GTLA andabout to address the crowd?! #gapol#DKMediaMatters (side picture) 7. CHECK SPELLING, GRAMMARAND ACCURACY There is no edit function on Instagram like Facebook. You haveto DELETE the whole post if you make a mistake. Read before posting. Spelling and grammar is a reflection ofyour brand ESP. if youre an attorneyI havr the No. 6 viewed profile out of 5,117 #LinkedIn connections(No. 1 for attorneys in my network). Not bad. Not bad at all. Join meat That's what my onlinemarketing consulting firm SocialProf can do for #attorneys andelected officials. 404.919.0660 or (posted 10/24/14) 8. ENCOURAGE ENGAGEMENT Ask questions Have contests Make interesting comments Ask for shares and comments Tag people you want to hear from Delete offensive comments immediately 9. USE CALL TO ACTIONS Ask your audience to do something (go to website, follow you on anothersocial media platform) Also try Sponsored by or Brought to you by if you are adding your ownpersonal comments to the shot or its your picture Ex. 4:30 am MORNING ROLL CALL : Who's up before their competition on thisWonderful Wednesday?! Say this with me: I can do this. I will do this. I amenough. Make this declaration over your life today and everyday. Youhave what it takes. Just keep going. #MorningMotivation brought to youby DK Media Group. #DarshunSpeaks 10. Darshun Kendrick, Esq./M.B.A.(404) 919-0660Dkendrick@SocialProf.netSOCIALPROF CANHELP!We offer:1. Online marketing evaluation2. Social Media Profile Set Up3. Consultations on general social mediastrategy4. Best Practices training & guide5. Group training for staff and employees onsocial media6. Drafting of social media policies for your Firm7. On-going training on the newest socialmedia features8. E-newsletter set up and content consultation9. Other services to follow shortly