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Create an unforgettable presentation that makes your audience stand up and cheer, by using tips like these: Create content that is clear and unique. Share your message on social media. Use the "power of three." Simplify your communication. Check out this creative presentation for more insight into presentation success.


<ul><li>(it starts with your content) </li><li>TRACK YOUR 1. IDEAS 2. SHARE 3. SO THAT YOU CAN THEM. 4. </li><li>YOUR LIFE IS FULL OF SO MANY rich experiences and lessons... </li><li>SHARE THEM. </li><li>2. WRITE LIKE YOU SPEAK </li><li>IF YOU SCRIPT OUT YOUR CONTENT, </li><li>USE everyday language. </li><li>IN OTHER WORDS... </li><li>BE YOURSELF! </li><li>3. PROVIDE CLARITY </li><li>IF YOU WERE TO SAY... DOG A walked across the street. </li><li>ONE PERSON IS THINKING... Golden Retriever </li><li>ONE PERSON IS THINKING... great dane </li><li>be clear. </li><li>The Bulldog walked across the street. </li><li>NOW, YOU ARE DOING THE heavy lifting. </li><li>4. SPEAK IN THE PRESENT </li><li>IS IS MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN WAS. </li><li>NEWS BROADCASTERS ALWAYS SPEAK IN THE PRESENT TENSE. </li><li>YOU should do the same. </li><li>1. 5. 1. 2. three points 2. 3. MAKE </li><li>brain THE HUMAN works like this: </li><li>1, 2, 3... i forget. </li><li>AIM FOR 3 </li><li>6. BREAK THINGS UP </li><li>pretend a child is sitting in the back of the room. </li><li>simplify it will help you your message. </li><li>7. create 'twitterable moments </li><li>social media is now the norm. </li><li>you need to create: </li><li>Clever headlines, golden nuggets and smart advice </li><li>changes thats the stuff that the world. </li><li>it all starts with your content. </li><li>be memorable ! </li><li> </li></ul>