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  • LIGHTWAVELightwave is a digital media agency based in UK, serving local and international brands ranging from SME to multi-national companies.

    An all-round agency with experience in digital activation, social media and search engine marketing.

    Our valued services cover all the aspects of digital marketing that will give companies a competitive edge

  • OUR SERVICESSERVICEDescriptionLightwave provides wide range of services which ranges from web development to 3D visualization. Our services include:

    WEBSITE DEVELOPMENTWe offer full range of services from website development to maintenance and web content development 3D VISUALIZATIONUsing the most advanced technologies, Lightwave will be offering services of 3D visualization of different aspects of the project VISUAL DESIGNLightwave will be offering creative and innovative visual designs, leading to a high-end product in the market. DIGITAL MARKETINGLightwave will be providing wide range of services and solutions in regards to the digital marketing side of things .

    APP DEVELOPMENTLightwave are the market leaders in the development and maintenance of mobile apps. We will be offering services of app development and maintenance services

  • Website SolutionsLightwave offers wide range of solutions regarding the website which includes website development, maintenance, hosting, domain buying , web content development and SEO services.WEBSITE


  • Lightwave will also be offering comprehensive hosting services for your websiteWebsite HostingWe will also be doing a detailed SEO of the website to ensure better optimization on search enginesSEOWe will not just be providing website development solutions but we will also look after the maintenance of the website. Website MaintenanceLightwave will also provide the services of developing complete and comprehensive website content Web Content DevelopmentWe will be offering complete website solutions covering every aspect of website developmentWebsite development WEBSITEWe will not just develop the website for corporate clients, we will also be buying the domain for the projectDomain Buying

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    DIGITAL MARKETINGCONTENT MARKETHaving a digital presence in todays advancing world is really important for a business is highly important. Lightwave will be providing wide range of services and solutions in regards to the digital marketing.

    Digital marketing will not only help the project become a success but it will also ensure visibility and enhance the corporate image of the organization. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturDigital Marketing Strategy DevelopmentLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturDigital Media Buying/PlanningDigital Marketing Data AnalysisPPC Campaigns/Ad WordsE-Mail MarketingE-Mail Template Development


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    DIGITAL MARKETINGCONTENT MARKETAs the world is shifting towards the digital side of things, it has become very necessary to have a proper digital marketing over the internet and other mediums.

    Lightwave with the team of their digital marketing experts provides you all the services to ensure that your digital marketing activities are taken up smoothly. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturE-banners/Brochures Online Reputation ManagementContent Marketing(Article/Blogs)Web Videos Development/MarketingOnline BrandingSEM

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGThese days, it isnt enough to have a website for your business your digital storefront extends to social media marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter.

    To cater to these business needs, Lightwave offers complete and comprehensive solutions regarding social media marketing.

  • Social Media Pages DevelopmentWe will be developing different social media pages for different platforms as per the requirement of the project.Social Media Pages MaintenanceWe will not just developing the social media pages on different networks we will also be maintaining and developing content for it.Social Media Strategy DevelopmentWe will look after each and everything regarding social media marketing from effective strategy development t to its implementation.Social Media Marketing CampaignsWe also provide the services of running different social media campaigns using different social medial channels. SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES

  • MOBILE APPLICATIONAPP DEVELOPMENT SERVICESAs the numbers of smartphones users are increasing on daily basis, it is very necessary to have a proper mobile app. The app not only helps in promoting company image but also helps in spreading information easily. Lightwave with its team of experts provides the best app development solutions to its clients.

  • MOBILE APPLICATIONAPP DESIGN & DEVELOPMENTKeeping in mind that the requirement of the project, we will come with an app which will not just only help enrich the user experience but we will ensure that it will not only create visibility but also increase company profits.

  • MOBILE APPLICATIONLightwave content developers and writers will not only make sure the content is written correctly but will also ensure that the content yields the best results for the services provided through the mobile app. APP CONTENT DEVELOPMENT

  • After developing an APP it is necessary to keep the APP maintained and updated, so that it remains bug free and out of harms way. Lightwave with the help of their app developers and quality assurance experts will provide you the services of properly maintaining the app along with updating it which is an ongoing process as well. APP MAINTAINENCEMOBILE APPLICATION

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    Using the most advanced technologies, Lightwave will be offering services of 3D visualization of different aspects of the project which will include:

    2D and 3DInteractive touch screen presentations

    Augmented reality


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    3D ARCHITECTURAL WALKTHROUGHSEffective and exceptional way of pre-visualizing projects.

    Lightwave creates close to life 3D architectural walkthroughs.

    Architectural walkthroughs will gives an idea of how the project pans out.

    It will also provide a great tool to present the project in an intriguing manner.



    Lightwave will be offering creative and innovative visual designs to your company, leading to a high-end product in the market. Our visual designs comprise of the following:



    Logo design

    Designing and development of brand assets




  • AddressLIGHTWAVEBo Tower As Sahafah, Riyadh 13321Phone & E-mailDirect Line: +92 324

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