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Debbie Williams, CCO

A Common Theme at INBOUND


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A Common Theme at INBOUNDThe ABYSS between marketing and sales was a hot topic at INBOUND15, talked about in agency sessions all the way to the big stage where HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan spoke passionately in his keynote about the disconnect between marketing and sales in most organizations, big and small.

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A Common Theme at INBOUNDRenowned HubSpot and content marketing evangelist Marcus Sheridan, a.k.a. The Sales Lion, hit the nail on the head. The lack of inbound buy-in across organizations completely destroys inbound results.@GulfCoastHUG @sproutcontent

Marketing in a siloInbound Marketing needs to be a company-wide mentality, not a departmentThe whole company needs to buy-in for real results to happenThe sales/marketing relationship and communication is crucial @GulfCoastHUG @sproutcontent

Getting INBOUND Marketing Buy-in Beyond Marketing The sales team doesnt know what the marketing team is doing (isnt all marketing about sales at the end of the day?)Only one person in the company knows about or is giving direction on the content being produced.The sales team isnt contributing to content topics (even though theyre only the ones answering customers' and prospects questions directly).The sales team isnt using or sharing the content assets being produced.The CEO, CMO, CFO can not truly define inbound marketing.The leads that come in are going to sales, and then what?The executive team doesnt really understand how Google works (of course! Brilliant!)@GulfCoastHUG @sproutcontent

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