Google Analytics Beginners: How to Set-up and Measure Conversion Goals

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If you already understand how many user are on your site, what your most popular page are and what social networks are performing the bestgood job! But do you know how many are completing the actions you want, like downloading resources, completing a contact us form or accessing special offers? In this presentation learn how to set up conversion goals such as: - How many users downloaded a resource - How many users spent time browsing my site - How many users visited multiple pages on my website


  • 1. Google Analytics Beginners: How to set up and measure conversion goals Presented by Emily VonSydow, Project Manager, Bop Design June 27, 2014

2. About Bop Design Based in San Diego, CA with clients all over the U.S. Specialize in marketing and web design & development for B2B firms 3. After this presentation, you will be able to: Set up conversion goals in Google Analytics Measure a variety of marketing and sales goals such as downloads, site visits, signups and more 4. What is a conversion goal? A measurement of a specific action a user takes on your website. 5. Setting Up Conversion Goals 1 2 6. Setting Up Conversion Goals 1 7. Setting Up Conversion Goals Destination landing on a specific page (e.g. a thank you page following a form signup) Duration spending a specified amount of time on the website Pages/Screen per session browsing less than, equal to or more than a specific amount of pages on a website Event broad term for tracking other actions on a website not listed above 8. Setting Up a Destination Goal 1 Name your goal something after the offer youre tracking 2 9. Setting Up a Destination Goal Copy and paste the segment of the end page URL without your domain (e.g. without 3 10. Setting Up a Destination Goal: The Funnel Use the Funnel option to track the steps a visitor may take to complete the conversion goal as well as accurately measure abandonment rate 11. Setting Up a Destination Goal When complete Verify and then Create Goal 1 2 12. Measuring A Conversion Goal 1 2 3 Select your goal from the drop down menu 13. Measuring A Conversion Goal 1 Select source to browse where your conversion came frome 14. Measuring A Conversion Goal Abandonment rate percent of visitors who land on the page but do not complete the conversion Google/Organic visitor came from a Google web search (direct)/(none) visitor came to your site directly by typing your URL in their browser or they had it bookmarked 15. Measuring the Conversion Funnel Measure what pages they came from, how many never completed the form (and where they went to instead) and how many completed the conversion 16. Conversion Goal Results & Tactics to Consider My abandonment rate is high (e.g. number of visitors visiting a landing page, but not completed the desired conversion) Solution: Change and test any of these elements individually Landing page design (Is it dated? Is it communicating a high quality, professional brand? Is it clear what youre offering to the user?) Landing page copy (Is it too wordy? Are users not understanding you?) Ineffective call to action (Are you asking users to Sign up, Register or take a specific action?) Loading speed 17. Found our presentation helpful? Visit our blog for more free marketing insights. Find us on: