Fagfestival how to empower communities

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How to empower communities. During a keynote talk at the Danish International Media Festival in Odense, I shared tips on how to look at a community in a way the provides value for them and drives results for the business. #fagfestival

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2. What isCommunity?Weve been asking the wrong question.It should beWho isCommunity?@tamcdonald #fagfestival 3. AIsNOTa Community@tamcdonald #fagfestival 4. Its people who come and go@tamcdonald #fagfestival 5. @tamcdonald #fagfestival 6. Who is aCommunity Manager?Hint: Theyve been around long before social media@tamcdonald #fagfestival 7. @tamcdonald #fagfestival 8. @tamcdonald #fagfestival 9. @tamcdonald #fagfestival 10. ExclusivityIf everyone can have it,why would I want it?@tamcdonald #fagfestival 11. When your community is exclusiveEveryone on this side is excited to be inAnd everyone on this side,wants to get IN@tamcdonald #fagfestival 12. Meet MurphMember of the community who: Provides feedback Gives insights on new features Offers assistance to other community@MurphTheSurf350@tamcdonald #fagfestivalmembers 13. Murph is a pundit.Pundits can: Use hyperlinnks Format text Have their commentsfeatured at topPundits earn this privilege bybeing responsible and helpfulcommunity members.@tamcdonald #fagfestival 14. WIIFT?Whats in it forTHEM?@tamcdonald #fagfestival 15. @tamcdonald #fagfestival 16. Becoming the magnetAttract people to you and get themto stick around.@tamcdonald #fagfestival 17. TrustTweetablePeople will support peoplethey know, like and trust.@tamcdonald #fagfestival@tamcdonald #ccdk 18. @tamcdonald #fagfestival 19. @tamcdonald #fagfestival 20. Meet WendyMember of the community who: Promotes segments Watches, comments and is a guest Helps recruit other guests@WendyWidom@tamcdonald #fagfestival 21. And when she introduces new community membersShe keeps introducing new community members!Most importantly, these community members do exactlywhat Wendy does: promote, introduce and participate@tamcdonald #fagfestival 22. ExperimentAlways be experimentingStart small by: Testing with little or nobudget Testing with no addlresources Getting buy-in from at leastone other stake-holder Measuring results@tamcdonald #fagfestival 23. ExperimentTweetableThe truth lies between what thecommunity tells you and the datashows you. @tamcdonald#fagfestival@tamcdonald #fagfestival 24. K.I.S.S.@tamcdonald #fagfestival 25. K.I.S.S.@tamcdonald #fagfestival 26. K.I.S.S.TweetableMaking your message easy toshare is letting your words be toldfrom the users voice.@tamcdonald #fagfestival@tamcdonald #fagfestival 27. WIIFY?Whats in it for you? Long term growth Scalable Community@tamcdonald #fagfestival 28. Whats in it for you? Innovation LoyaltyWIIFY?@tamcdonald #fagfestival 29. Community is not the crowd(make it exclusive) Be the magnet, Not thebulldozer Trust Experiment (always) K.I.S.S.@tamcdonald #fagfestival 30. @tamcdonald #fagfestival 31. @tamcdonald #fagfestival