Mat Braddy at WebTomorrow on How to Empower your team, to empower your brand?

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Brand building fromthe inside out.</p> <p>Mat BraddyFounding CMO of JUST EAT@matbraddy2 Hungry for a takeaway? JUST EATThe greatest thing a brand can achieve? </p> <p>Consumers buying it on autopilot.</p> <p>The autopilot thought we want consumers to have23 </p> <p>The brain is an amazing machine it computes at 1000 petaflops, 10 quadrillion operations, per second and uses 20 watts of power and fits in shoe box.</p> <p>The brain is incredibly efficient almost supernaturally powerful, but is able to do this through shortcuts and subliminal processing. </p> <p>Whats this all got to do with marketing? Everything we need to become a subliminal habitual choice for solving hunger pains</p> <p>3</p> <p>Pilot brain.Autopilot brain.Rational messages. e.g. Promotions, prices etc. Short term action a sale!Emotional brand messagingLong term habitLets getemotional</p> <p>The Golden CircleSimon Sinek TED talk Start with the whyHeres a simple way of looking at why this works. Its from a visionary thinker called Simon Sinek. He calls it the Golden Circle.6</p> <p>Most beginners mistakenly start with the whatHeres the mistake most companies make. They try to sell their products rather than selling their belief.7</p> <p>Real demand is generated when you start with the whyIf you start with the why people will connect with you emotionally and theyll come back to you time and time again for your products.8</p> <p>JE competitors always use whatITS AN APP WITH YOUR LOCAL TAKEAWAY ON ITIf you start with the why people will connect with you emotionally and theyll come back to you time and time again for your products.10</p> <p>JUST EAT uses a whyIf you start with the why people will connect with you emotionally and theyll come back to you time and time again for your products. LETS NOW 11How to build your WHY</p> <p>1313The mushy middle14 </p> <p>Can you name which company these beautiful ladies are working for?14Our category</p> <p>15 </p> <p>The Cheese lift15Rewrite the rules16 </p> <p>The sumo thinks Lets fight. The kid thinks Lets race</p> <p>Nokia handsets 43% to 3% in 5 years Apple rewrote the rules 16Challenger brand aimsWhy?We needed a marketing approach that yields high growth momentum and punches hard against large, but boring, competitors with huge budgets</p> <p>Being a Challenger means?Become a light house; not all things to all peopleThis is not a focus group led process!Changing the category decision making criteria in our favourOvercommitting to ideasBecoming the category thought leader</p> <p>17 </p> <p>JUST EAT is a challenger brand </p> <p>We dont have Dominos marketing budget, especially around the world.17How we did itInternal workshops 4+ days who are WE? What do we believe?What is our personality and tone of voice?What is our philosophy around our product or service?What is our RALLY CRY??18Note this is not about our customers its about US. 18Driving beliefCooking is AWFULProduct rockEffortless and easy. Unlike cooking.Attitude/behaviourA spirited mischievous rebel.Dont Cook, JUST EAT19Puncture the AUTOPILOT21 </p> <p>Eurostar = a bit fuddy and dusty = new station built worlds longest Champagne bar </p> <p>Swatch = swiss engineered watch for 50</p> <p>Cadbury Gorilla = </p> <p>London Underground = first ever escalators = people were scared = TFL hired a 1 legged war vet to go up and down all day2122 </p> <p>But many of us in start up land do not get to TV for a while but still having a challenger brand approach can give great results. Overcommit to big ideas corby2223 </p> <p>So lets see what happened 23 </p> <p>BBC One 10 O'clock NewsBBC One Show2425 </p> <p>7.9m3.2m</p> <p>It really does workThe measure we look at for how well we are doing vs our aim is spontaneous brand awareness. 25Wrap upTakeawaysYour mission: the FIRST thought in your categoryHumans function without thinking rational messages dont build long term Why not What strategyWho are you? What is your passion as a team?Use this to build your lighthouseOvercommit &amp; puncture the autopilotDONT BE SO BORING!</p> <p>27 2728 </p> <p>The perfect partnership: emotion and passion combine with logic and reason. 28</p> <p>Merci!Any questions? Tweet me!@matbraddyYou have all been fabulous. Your mini fist pump moment is that we have finished XX minutes early so time for a wee, fag and a caffeine fix.</p> <p>Thank you :-) Chart10.20.410.</p> <p>JUST EATDomino's</p> <p>Sheet1Column1Aug-12Sep-12Oct-12Nov-12Dec-12Jan-13Feb-13Mar-13Apr-13May-13Jun-13Jul-13Aug-13Sep-13Oct-13Nov-13Dec-13Jan-14Feb-14Mar-14JUST EAT20%25%26%28%27%27%26%27%27%30%29%26%32%35%37%36%39%37%34%40%JUST EATHungry House9%8%9%11%15%14%13%11%11%10%10%9%14%15%16%16%18%19%17%17%Hungry HouseDomino's41%40%40%39%35%36%37%39%36%34%36%31%36%32%30%33%30%31%29%28%Domino'sPizza Hut24%23%24%24%20%20%22%21%22%20%20%19%20%19%18%19%18%19%18%17%Pizza HutPapa Johns7%5%5%5%4%6%5%5%7%7%5%5%6%6%5%5%5%7%5%5%Papa JohnsFillmybelly1%0%1%1%0%1%1%0%1%0%1%0%0%1%1%0%0%FillmybellyUrbanbite0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%Urbanbite</p>