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Infographic - How to quickly and easily create a client-attracting Facebook Page for your business. Step by step visual guide. If you're a consultant, coach, or small business owner, Facebook and other social media is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Step 1. upload your profile photo/avatar (not your logo) Step 2. create an eye-catching Facebook cover photo. You can change the graphic weekly, and include promotions and calls to action. >>> Get a free Facebook Cover Image template, Canva tutorial video, and social media sizes cheat sheet here: http://brightsparkmedia.ca/ultimate-social-media-sizes-cheat-sheet-infographic/ Step 3. Fill in your bio, description, About Section. Be personal, and speak to your ideal client. How can you help them solve their problem? This section is one of the few places on your Facebook Page visible in a Google search, so it's good for SEO. Step 4. Post status updates, especially graphics, photos, and videos. Be consistent, at least several times per week. Step 5. Create apps and customize the thumbnails. This is a great way to build your email list, showcase your videos, Pinterest, contests or blog posts (using 3rd party apps like Woobox, Involver, etc) ~~ Do you struggle to get found online? Are you looking to attract more clients? Contact us to discuss your personal online marketing and social media strategy. http://BrightSparkMedia.ca


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