INFOGRAPHIC: How To Increase Facebook Engagement

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  1. 1. INCREASE ENGANGEMENT ONFACEBOOK FOR YOUR OFFICEBY:JASON CAPISTRANO DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST EXACTLY HOW MUCH TRAFFIC IS ON FACEBOOK? E OVER I .5 699 700 BILLION 2.5 BILLION MILLION MINUTES MILLIONA post with 80 characters or less have 23% moreengagement .gzinygl iaracgrpose the number of commentsPosts that ask a question get 100% more commentsMORE INTERACTIONQuotes recieva 26% more like:and 19% more shares than regular posts5% . ... _.. ... ... ... ... ... ... t.. ... ... ... ... ... . GET CREATIVE WITH POSTS. i~ lyThere:there's been a lo!of debate in our ofoe lately,so let's get down [0 the bottom of this! of Focebook fans like pages to participate in contests and giveaways; ... ;;. . . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...~Give people 0 reason to like and shore - be it' .great content,or an amazing brand overall LIKE FOR BRACES,SHARE FOR INVISALIGNIf you had to choose.what would you prefer?. .. .Mmgmem bommvefmw wmmmgmnVmmm_ Share Quotes.Every child is an artist.The problem iswn-cimou-dyuuprarerr ' " how to remain an artist once he grows up... . .l. . Poblo Picassothe Comment swe : es: auis3a24>ssi9i L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L 7 7*'''. e.?2v. :'. .'; t'; :.': .e". ... ... .."'*""Right around lpm,you at the most shores.At about 3pm,you get the mast ick: 7 Don't over post,and don't under post.You should '1 l 0 be posting every other day at the least. FACEBOOK HELPS YOU (snow 80%. t itREFERENCEShttp: //zephorio. com/ socialmedic/ top l 5-voluoblefocebookstotistics/http: //coffeyondteo. com/ facts-facebook-marketing/http: //ollfocebook. com/ focebook-marketing-facts-b30202 http: //www. stc: tisticbrc1in. com/ socialnetworking-stotislics/http: //biog. bui'fercipp. com/ best-time-to-iweet-posiio-focebooksend-emails-publish-blogposts http: //businessnewsdoil . com/5453-how-to-promote-yoursmoll-business-on~focebook. him|http: //biog. hubspot. com/ b|og/ tobid/307/bid/3357i/ l2-ReveolingMorl