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  1. 1. Your mind is your legacy. ..Our MissionWe are pursuing one of the biggest scientific and technological discoveries of our time:a map of every connection in the human brain. The more we learn about the brain,the better we come tounderstand our memories,our experiences,and our health. Imagine discovering how the intricate wiring of the human brain connects. Imagine duplicating it.The ConnectomeThe connectome is es -. ..- tially the geno ' -.- Russell Hanson, Founder , .., ... ---- -o*I
  2. 2. _ _. iVWhy map the brain? The genome,which contains all of the genetic information of an organism,has come to inform the way human beings understand themselves.Similarly,our perceptions,thoughts,and emotions are a result of trillions of chemical interactions happening every second across the brain. Every human brain contains a hundred billion neurons,which communicate by transmitting chemicals called neurotransmitters across synapses.At Brain Backups,we are developing a way to map the connections between synapses,in order to reveal a larger web of neuronal connections theconnectome.Much like the mapping of the genome,mapping the connectgme will allo us to:I/,.K0 Make leaps in the study of neurodegenerative diseases. 0 Gain insights into the inner workings of human memory. Develop truly personalized O medicine,and personalized connectome mapping. V I.p v - > I .. L 4Mapping the brain of a living creature requires new imaging technology. Our technology is: Q Nondestructive O Noninvasive 0 Ultra High DefinitionScanning Electron Microscopes are the traditional method used for imaging the connectome.However,the SEM methodr-nnnirnn rlan l-vain fr ]'n nlinnrl inns innnnrlil-xln
  3. 3. lCLiLl1l CD Ll1C U1Cl1ll LU UC D11L. CLl 1llLU J. llL.1CL. lLUJ. _ythin pieces,and imaged one at a time. Our MethodBrain Backups is the first company to develop nondestructive,noninvasive high definition whole brain imaging techniques that do not require the death of the animal. Using small chains of DNA called aptamers (left) we can identify individual molecules. . :- t,-3.1}:/. .-' .. 1' I- . _ V,.. Using Gold Nanoparticles (right) we can image these molecules at a 1 micron scale.That's 1000x better than today's best MRIs."Once we've mapped the human connectome,we can track how it changes as the brain learns. " Jason Fuller,Biosynthetic Engineer
  4. 4. -Our calculations (below) regarding the number of synapses,the number ( neuron subtypes,and the synaptic weights or synaptic states,indicate that entire connectome may be stored on about SOOTB of hard drive space wit100 000 O00 O00 neurons * 10 000 synapses =1 000 000 000 000 000 1 terabyte =1 099 511 627 776 bytes1 000 000 000 000 000/1 099 511 627 776 =909.49 terabytes1 terabyte HD storage =~$28.31 9 storage for all human neurons and synapses ~$28.31 * 909.49 =~$25,747.66Your Contribution. ... ..Could Be Your LegacyWith myriad brain functions and dysfunctions better understood,we will be able to offer personalized connectome mapping and true personalized medicine.Donate just $75 today,and your mind could be among the first to go down in history.