Real Vs. Virtual Relationship

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What leads to ultimate happiness

What leads to ultimate happinessReal Vs. Virtual Relationship ?

By: Shubham Kabadwal

Real RelationshipA real relationship has fights, trust, faith, tears, pain, arguments, patience, secrets, jealousy and love.People in real relationship are true and always present for each other at tough times.A real relationship has face to face talks.People in real relationship share real emotions and feelings.

Virtual RelationshipIts a relationship on internet where one can hide his identity and form any avatar one wants to.People in virtual relationship dont speak to each other in real life. They are connected through technologyThere is no face to face interactionThere are no real emotions

Real Vs. Virtual friendsAccording to Times of India, a recent survey says people are happier and laugh 50% more when talking to a friend face-to-face and Virtual friends dont count.We have 1000 plus friends on social media but only a handful of real ones. Virtual friends are no substitute for real ones. Emotional touch cannot be easily replaced by internet chats, comments and posts.

We must disconnect in order to connect

Texting makes you closer to the person who is far away from you but makes you far from the people sitting next to you

Face to Face interactions are more satisfyingPeople talking face to face in real relationship are happier and understand each other more as individual can read gestures, facial expressions and words.Virtual relationship hides expression, feelings, emotion and makes it hard for people to understand each other. It can even hide ones identity.

We can connect on social media but lets not forget that our real friends know us in the deepest, most intimate and real way, we feel understood, known and visible.

Technology has made relationships virtual

Virtual Relationship disadvantageLoneliness is increasing because face to face interactions are occurring less often.Social skills are turning weakOnline interaction is addictiveVirtual relationship gives stressPeople are loosing close onesPeople can cheat one another with fake identityPeople are forgetting real relationship.

Real relationship advantagePeople share real friendship, real emotions and feelingsPeople are always there to help each other People understand each other betterReal relationship makes you happierIt doesnt makes you feel alone and sadIt makes you more confident and increase your social skills