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ObservingGot Creativity?Ameena PayneAmeena Payne

TangentsMy life seems to blur the lines between news and nonsense art and absurdity decency and depravity Chicago will forever hold a piece of my heart and I wanted to capture the skyline from the beloved CTA. The second picture is a melting pot of materialism designer colognes and Barbie body parts. I absolutely love the Lincoln Square and Andersonville neighborhoods. Id have to say that I most enjoy the food in this area. The third photo is in an Indian restaurant; it is a picture of an elephant with its trunk up, which represents good fortune. The fourth and fifth images are patterns I photographed from an African dance class. Following those images are pictures of three people on the street. They were willing to model their unique street style for the purpose of this assignment. Next, I photographed a friend of mines jewelry. The eighth photograph is of a street performance in Pilsen, one of my favorite neighborhoods for art. The ninth photograph is of more jewelry from around the world. Lastly, I photographed some text on a tile that says Occupy your heart. I really like this because it reminds us take note of our surroundings and our feelings.