Made To Measure Suits Vs Bespoke Suits

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Bespoke Vs Made to Measure Suits

Bespoke is commonly used as synonym for Made to Measure among the people who are conscious about fashion. But there is a slight difference between the two. Before you go on a shopping spree, you must understand the difference between Bespoke and Made to Measure Suits.


Made to Measure: Available in a variety of designs. This clothing is sewn from a standard-sized base patternBespoke pattern: Is created for individual buyers specification, by a tailor

FittingMTM generally does not involve fitting during creation processBespoke is made from scratch, to achieve a bespoke fit. It requires multiple fitting trials during creation

FabricMTM fabric is usually a curated selection from not more than 1 or 2 millsBespoke suits are usually selected from 1 fabric and 10+ mills

CostMTM suits are less expensive and offer lesser variety of styles as compared to bespoke suitsBespoke suits are more expensive than MTM and also offer a large variety of styles and designs

ConclusionOwned to tangible differences, a Bespoke suit offers you basted fitting and unique patterns with perfect fit than Made-to-Measure suits

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