Fun School Summer Holiday Ideas for Children

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If you are looking for ideas to keep children entertained during the school holiday, have a look at some of the fun activities from Avery UK. From taking part in the summer reading challenge to creating a boredom jar, kids and parents will love these activities


  • 1. Simple ideas to keep your children entertained during the summer Holiday Follow @UKAvery and for more ideas

2. Start by making a list of ideas Make a list of all the activities and days out you would like to do this summer and cross things off as you complete them. This will ensure you get the best out of summer. It could be everything from learning to ride a bike to visiting a local tourist attraction. Chat to your children about what theyd like to do this holiday. 3. Create a boredom jar At the start of each week why not write some ideas of activities your child can do if they say Im bored. Get them to pick an activity out of the jar this could be reading a book, colouring a picture, ride your bike, play a board game, practise your football. Each time they need something to fill their time, send them to the jar. You can create labels for the jar using the free software and templates at An easy way to fill those moments of boredom 4. Have some messy play Kids can have so much fun when you get out in the garden, lay out the paints and large sheets of paper. Let them put their hands and feet in and get messy whist making their own artwork. Just make sure you have the bath ready for afterwards. Dig out the paints and get outside 5. Make some music with the kids You dont have to buy expensive instruments to allow your children to get creative with music. Make your own shakers using plastic bottles and rice and pans and a wooden spoon are ideal for drums. Elastic bands round a used tissue box can make a fantastic play guitar. You will have your own band in no time. Let the children make some noise 6. Visit the local library Getting children to continue reading throughout the school holidays isnt always easy but if you set a challenge this can help. Most UK libraries are running the Summer Reading Challenge and this year the theme is Mythical Maze. Children get a new sticker each time they read two books and at the end of the challenge will receive a certificate and medal. Encourage your child to keep up their reading 7. Encourage your child to drink plenty You can use Avery Product Tags to create fun name tags for drinking bottles. By adding their name and picture it may encourage them to drink more but it also makes it easier for you to measure how much each child has drunk throughout the day. Upload your own image or choose from a wide range of free clip art in Avery Design & Print Online. Software/Software/Avery-Design--Print-Online.htm A simple way to keep children hydrated 8. Get crafty if the weather is really bad Make sure you have plenty of crafts in stock for those days when its too wet to play outside. Children enjoy sticking, gluing, drawing and painting. For those who prefer something less messy you could use our free online software at and get children to design their own cards or posters. Children love to get creative 9. For those quieter moments Avery Write & Wipe sheets are perfect for encouraging children to practise their handwriting. These are handy for taking on planes or when you go out and about and dont want to take lots of paper. All you will need is a Write & Wipe sheet, a marker pen and a cloth to wipe it clean. A simple way to practise writing 10. Create your own clothing You can print your special holiday moments onto clothing or other material to ensure they last a lifetime. If you are heading to a tourist attraction, instead of buying a souvenir t-shirt why not make your own using Avery t-shirt transfers and the free online software at See your holiday memories in print 11. Enjoy the sunshine when you can Whilst its important to protect your childs skin in the sunshine, Vitamin D is vital for childrens health and wellbeing. Your household chores can wait but the sunshine may not, so get outdoors at every opportunity. Get as much Vitamin D as possible 12. Make the perfect picnic Kids love a picnic. You cant beat sitting in the sunshine in the great outdoors whilst you enjoy some finger food. Your picnic can be even more organised if you label the food items or individual picnics. Enjoy eating in the sunshine 13. Keep a record of your childs work If your child is at school we expect they arrived home on the final day with lots of pieces of paper having emptied their drawer. Why not create a folder for each school year so you have somewhere ready to store them? Its always fun to look back at old work and see how they have progressed. Visit the Avery website for filing advice and ideas What do with your childs school work 14. Ensure your summer memories last By saving and printing your favourite holiday snaps you can remember those special moments whenever you want. Why not save them on a media disk and send them to grandparents or aunts and uncles to show what youve all been up to this summer? Print out your favourite pictures 15. Send your own ideas for the summer holiday to @UKAvery or For more ideas for the home and work you can visit the Avery blog at or the Avery website at