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Recipes and Fun Idea's for you and the Family!


<ul><li><p>For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat X or Adobe Reader X, or later. </p><p>Get Adobe Reader Now! </p></li><li><p>Recpies For you and</p><p>Halloween Ideas too </p></li><li><p>Wanting some help with some desserts here is a recipe for some yummy triple chocolate chip cookies:</p><p>2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon baking soda1 teaspoon salt1 cup (2 sticks) butter3/4 cup granulated sugar3/4 cup packed brown sugar1 teaspoon vanilla extract2 large eggs1 cups (12-oz. pkg.) chocolate chips 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips1/2 cup white chocolate chips(you dont have to use all the chocolate chips and you can </p><p>also use )2 packadges of hershey pud-dings </p><p>Preheat oven to 375</p><p>mix together flour, baking soda, pudding mix, and saltthen set aside </p><p>In a large bowl mix together your sugars, and butter, once mixtuer is mixed well, add the vanilla, and eggs one by one till mixed. </p><p>Next add in dry mixture little by little, mixture may turn to dough, continue mixing in </p><p>mix until all the mixture is gone, slowly add in the choc-olate chips, you may need to kneed it into the dough with your hands. </p><p>Once everything is mixed well roll into 1 inch balls and put 3 INs apart from each other, bake for 10-15 min then let cool for 5 min and serve.</p><p>Halloween Decor! For Your Halloween try something new and create something fun with your kids </p><p>and for you, why not create something interesting from scratch for your halloween why not make a decoration such as a spider or a bat you can use foam balls that you can get at an art store some paint and some art piping and tooth picks, you can paint the balls and use the tooth pick to connect the balls to create the body and head, then use the piping to make the the legs you can use yarn or string to make a web or a attachment so the spider and hang from the ceiling.</p></li><li><p>Cooking For You</p><p>September 27, 2014</p><p>20 recipes that will make your </p><p>mouth water</p><p>5 Declicous Desserts </p><p>And more too</p><p>Different ways to make your </p><p>halloween fun and delicous </p></li><li><p>Contents:</p><p>1 Decorations and Treats: Fun for you and the kids to do together and make Halloween fun for everyone.</p><p>2 Breakfastes : Want something to cook that everyone will have fun with lets make breakfast..</p><p>3 Lunch: How to make a fun time at the lunch table with everyone</p><p>4 Dinners: Something for everyone to enjoy and be able to say delicous while eating something fun.</p><p>5 Desserts: An amazing time to be able to have a good time after dinner</p><p>6 Snacks: Make eating something small tasty and sat-isfying</p><p>7 More Fun!: Lots more extras for you to enjoy with the family!</p></li><li><p>When Trying to Find something for dinner</p><p>If your trying to find some-thing for dinner alwasy try to get the freshes ingriedents, this will not only taste better but it will also be healthier for you and your family as well. The healthier you eat the better you will be able to keep going through out the day, it would be a lot better then eating a burger from the closest fast food place, if you dont walk off the meal then it will just slowly build up and you will eventually get tired. If you eat a good fruit for breakfast and a nice vegtable for lunch and spoil yourseld at dinner and have some meat you can be healthy and in good shape as well. It maybe a chal-lenge but wouldnt it be worth it? If you were able to do more then a few things a day without getting tired and restless. If this became your diet remember to eat something healthy and not too big for breakfast and lunch but for dinner you can have meat and anything with that as well. Just remember to eat those fruits and vegtables at least once a day, that doesnt mean eat fries either, they do not count as a fresh vegtable. </p></li><li><p>Cooking that makes you Smile!</p><p>Looking for a Recipe or some fun ideas for Halloween, Dont Dare Look Any </p><p>Further </p><p>You can go to our website to look for more ideas and </p><p>recipes</p><p>you can also sign up for magazine delivery You can find ideas for</p><p> Halloween At this website and in the magazine as well!</p><p>Recipes for you!and Halloween fun!Now you can start your Halloween with fun and declious meals! </p></li><li><p>Cooking and Decorating for Halloween is something most people will find fun and intertaining whilke other people find it boring and frustrating, trying to decorate while taking care of a child who wants to help but in a way cant really help. Cooking for Halloween is alwasy frustrating because what do you cook on Halloween? Well instead of struggling let us do something about it and give you what you want, if you want some decorating tips or some ideas on what you should do for Halloween then here is something for you. If you want to creaete decortaions but dont have much money, save your toilet paper rolls and paper towl rolls, buy some glows sticks and cut faces into the rolls and color the roll as youd like it, you can also add wings and hands using paper, if you use paper and you dont have glue then you can make small slits or cuts in the roll and slide the hand or wing intot he small cut and bend it inside so that it doesnt fall out. When your done decorating the roll crack your glow stick and put it into the roll and place the roll where you would like it. This will create a nice decora-tion and wont be so expensive on your wallet. To see how this is done here is a website that you can go too so that you can see what it looks like:</p><p></p><p>For more Ideas you can go to this website:</p><p></p></li></ul>