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Fashionable Technology Investigates The Relationship Between Technology, Design & Fashion, And Materials & Textiles In A Theoretical And Practical Framework

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  • 1. IntroductionSS 2006 Fashionable Technology Mag. Sabine Seymour, MPS

2. fashionable technology

  • Fashionable Technology investigates the relationship between technology, design & fashion, and materials & textiles in a theoretical and practical framework. It involves a discourse on the next generation wearables, its history, its evolution, and its present state.
  • A project focusing on textiles, wearables & technology will be developed. Students will participate in the entire design process from concept to completion. Through this process, students will gain understanding of the challenges and possibilities of designing technologies for the body. A contextual analysis will reveal and define the purpose of future scenarios in research or products/projects.
  • The culmination of the class is the creation of a proof of concept prototype that incorporates functionality, practicality, and aesthetic appeal with a parallel understanding of embedded systems design, smart textiles and materials, networked environments, and alternative energy.

3. paper ideas

  • New technologies and new philosophical concepts have converted what was once wishful thinking and referred to disparagingly as paper ideas into a world suddenly full of exciting architectural forms .
  • Andreas & Alexandra Papdakis
  • (Innovation - from experiment to realisation)

4. function

  • All clothes have social, psychological and physical functions.
  • Andrew Bolton
  • (The Supermodern Wardrobe)

5. aesthetics

  • A branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty.
          • Webster Dictionary

6. the epidermis as metaphor "...the electric age ushers us into a world in which we live and breathe and listen with the entire epidermis." Marshall McLuhan Alexander McQueen 7. the epidermis as metaphor I had achieved heteroconsciousness, that is to say, an epidermic self-awareness. Umberto Eco (Travels in Hyperreality) Ernest Sewn Jeans Ernest Sewn Jeans 8. fantasy amplifiers "The only new work you can do in fashion is via technology. It lets you create something you couldn't have done in the past." Hussein Chalayan Hussein Chalayan 9. wearable computing "A wearable computer is a computer that is subsumed into the personal space of the user, controlled by the user, and has both operational and interactional constancy, i.e. is always on and always accessible. " Steve Mann 10. affective wearables "Wearables are computational devices that are worn as an article of clothing or jewelry. ... An affective wearable is a wearable system equipped with sensors and tools that enables recognition of its wearer's affective patterns." Rosalind Picard Phillips 11. body integration

  • Handheld< Wearable < Embedded
  • I.e. cell phone I.e. jacket I.e. tattoo
  • Little integration Some integration Full integration

Nokia 8800 Burton Audex 12. body integration

  • The degree of body integration is determined by (selected list):
  • Degree of Intimacy
  • Personal preference
  • Functionality (I.e. sensors)
  • Context of use
  • How, When, Who, Why, What

13. contextual relationships

  • ExpressiveFunctional
  • ComputationalNon-Computational

14. design for wearability

  • "A product that is wearable should
  • have wearability. Wearability is
  • defined as the interaction between
  • the human body and the wearable
  • object. Dynamic wearability extends
  • that definition to include the
  • human body in motion. "
  • Francine Gemperle

15. transformables & functionals 16. Refuge Wear [Lucy Orta]

  • A response to situations of human
  • distress and unsuitable social
  • environments
  • Temporary shelters that
  • transformed
  • into items of clothing
  • and transport bags
  • Generic term
  • Body Architecture

17. Jacket/Armchair [CP Company]

  • Polyurethane inflatable jacket
  • Air compressor
  • Waterproof, magnet buttons

18. Round Circuitboard Necklaces [Alcorn Studio]

  • Made by Alcorn Studio from recycled printed circuitboards, these are the ultimate in cooool! Each pendant is made from 100% recylced motherboard from old computers and the adjustable necklace is made from a vege-friendly cord.

19. clothing as container 20. ICD+ [Levis]

  • Philips/Levis collaboration

21. integrated technology 22. Various projects solar Bogner Scott Solar SeV Voltaic Messenger Soldius golf bags Sundance Solar ONeill SolarBackpack 23. Adidas 1 [Adidas] mechanics

  • Individual cushioning

24. Lumiloop [Elise Co & Nikita Pashenkov]physical

  • Lumiloop is a modular system of program and display panels that can be chained together to form a reactive bracelet. Each display module features a small 8x8 LED matrix, dynamically driven by an interchangeable program module. The program modules holds different display programs and include varying sensors for the bracelet to respond to. A program module with an accelerometer interprets gestural motions of the wrist and generates illuminated patterns in response.

25. SonicFabric [Alyce Santoro]function of textile 26. Smart Second Skin [Jenny Tillotson]scent

  • A micro pump is integrated within
  • the design which represents
  • the heart, micro tubes
  • represent the veins and
  • arteries and various
  • biosensors mimic the
  • senses to createa new
  • interactive fabric
  • communication system in
  • clothing.
  • Fragrances are actively
  • 'pulsed' electronically
  • through a micro cabling
  • system in the fabric web.
  • The fabric emits a selection
  • of scents to create novel
  • olfactory experiences.

27. Fashion Victims [Ivrea]thermochromic ink

  • Students: Davide Agnelli, Dario Buzzini, Tal Drori
  • If you come near cell phone
  • users or maybe a wireless
  • network you will be warned
  • about this electronic pollution
  • by a pattern of mould that
  • slowly spreads out all over
  • your clothes.
  • The intensity
  • and frequency of the
  • electromagnetic radiation
  • are reflected in the colour
  • and density of the mould
  • pattern soiling your shirt.

28. Fashionation. Mythos. Mode. Markt. [Celine Studer]fashion & technology

  • The mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.
  • Oscar Wilde

29. Disolveable Intimate Apparel[Amanda Coleman]disolveable material

  • xxx

30. Love Of Race [Bonney Koh] kinetic energy 31. contact information

  • Mag. Sabine Seymour, MPS
  • [email_address]
  • Class website:
  • Images:
  • Individual students and researchers, designer, and companies listed

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