Choosing the perfect setting for amber jewelry the sunshine store

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  1. 1. Choosing the Perfect Setting for Amber Jewelry The Sunshine StoneAmber is one of the most beautiful gem stones in the world, its gorgeous yellow or orange colormakes it the perfect stone for jewelry. The stone is derived from fossilized resin and is polished andused for jewelry. Since it occurs naturally, the original amber can have dirt and sometimes insects inthem. If you have decided that you want Amber Jewelry, here are some common tips to bear inmind.Metal SettingUsually amber and silver go well together. But depending on your style and preference gold andplatinum can also be set in with your gemstone. Matching your amber stone with the right metal isessential if you want a gorgeous piece of Amber Jewelry. Since amber comes in a variety of colorssuch as yellow, orange, brown, etc all of them being unusual, you can always mix and match themetals for the best effect.Style of jewelry Amber is a soft and delicate stone; thus, consider this before deciding on the type of jewelry youwant to make. This means that it is prone to breaking, chipping, etc. But the good news is thatdamaged amber jewelry and be fixed. Make sure the stone is set well and is properly protected.These are the main points to be kept in mind before choosing.