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    : Webinar :

    What it takes to be a PgMP certified..!!!

  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition


    PgMPProgram Management


    The significance of program management, Why PgMP?

    How it helps in career advancement,

    What is the impact on job profiles,

    PgMP certification overview

    PgMP Application Process Overview

    How to write the experience summaries,

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    Strategy to achieve certification

    Learning & Exam Strategy

    Live experience sharing & lessons learned

    Expert guidance

    Questions & Answers

  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    This course prepares aspirants for PgMP certification exam and empowers Project / Program

    Managers to achieve successful & predictable program & project deliveries by adopting best practices

    in program management.

    This program is structured as covered in the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Guide to the

    SPM Standard for Program Management SPM The Third Edition.

    The PgMP credential recognizes advanced experience, skill and performance in the oversight of

    multiple, related projects and their resources aligned with an organizational objective.

    What is PgMP

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  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    PgMP credential holders oversee the success of a program a way to group multiple,

    related projects to achieve benefits that may not be realized if the projects were

    managed in a stand-alone fashion.

    As project managers advance in their careers, the experience they gain in managing

    multiple, related projects and making decisions that advance strategic and business

    objectives demonstrates this competence.

    As employers demand program managers who can support the strategic objectives of

    the organization, PgMP credential holders will gain a distinct advantage in employment

    and promotional opportunities over their peers.

    What is PgMP

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  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    Considerably increases your knowledge on Program Management and refine your leadership skills

    You learn to organize and deliver more than what is expected out of you as a Leader. Fulfill the expectations.

    Worldwide recognition and image makeover from just a manager to Leader.

    Program Managers are much better paid compared to PMs.

    PgMP is a career progression after PMP and will be valued in organizations.

    What is your motivation to do PgMP?

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  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    PgMP benefits

    Improved lifestyle

    Career progression

    Enhanced Knowledge:

    build competency

    Worldwide recognized


    Dont be complacent ! Realize your dream !!

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  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    Do you qualify for the PgMP!

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  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition



    Career Progression in Management

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  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    PMP and PgMP: Growth in Certification, 1993-2003

    1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2013

    PMP 1000 1900 2800 4400 6415 10086 18184 27052 40343 52443 76550 590416












    al h





    2013 2014


    PgMP1993: PMP was esteemed professional

    2013: PMP is a necessity. Bare essential for a Manager

    2015: PgMP is an esteemed professional

    2025: PgMP is .

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  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    PgMP: Certification process

    Program Management Handbook:

    Application Submission

    Download application

    90 days to complete

    Application review

    Submit application

    10 days for review by PMI

    Audit process

    Pay fees

    Audit process if selected: 90 days to send audit materials

    Panel review

    4 weeks for PMI to complete



    1 year validity period

    Credential Maintenance

    Maintain PgMP

    4/17/2016 10

  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    What is essential to pass PgMP in first attempt?

    FundamentalsProgram management basicsGeneral management concepts

    StandardsSPMv3, Examination Content Outline(ECO), Change management, PMBOKv5

    Critical thinking skillsExam strategy question analysis and answering strategy, reasoning skills, general process

    ExperienceProject and program management experience, change management, Stakeholder engagement experience, Decision making.

    4/17/2016 11

  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    Effective and efficient learning

    4/17/2016 12

    Apply the concepts to an imaginary large scale program or to case study.

    Transform PgMP concepts from SPM to another form (diagrams, mind-maps, tables, data flow diagrams, imaginary models, etc)

    Prepare your own set of questions Share knowledge and experience with others to get a different

    perspective. Discuss your management problems and understand best practices and solutions

    Recognize new learnings Recognize concepts in your daily work life Do write on paper more than into computer/tablet Make notes, but refer to SPMv3

  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    What is required

    SPMv3 preferably hard copy SPMv2 (Chapter-4) PMI PgMP ECO Preferably hard copy PMBoK v5 (selected chapters) Highlighter /Marker / Sketch pens Study Material from Xprowin Consulting Question banks / Answer sheets Other artifacts, priority lists etc. No need to purchase any other material

    4/17/2016 13

  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    Way to PgMP credential


    Understand program management concepts, SPMv3 (PMI Standard), ECO

    Discuss with other participants, share experiences, practice questions

    Complete assignments

    Exam question analysis and effective answering techniques

    Stage-1: Training (on-line) Knowledge acquisition phase

    Complete Assignments

    Develop solid understanding with mind maps/translate text to diagrams/ other techniques

    Get deeper understanding of standard and concepts with 600+ questions

    Stage-2: (off-line) knowledge consolidation phase

    Focus on most important subjects for exam

    Q&A sessions/ 1-1 discussions

    Stage-3: Exam preparation (off-line)

    Learn effective strategies to perform in exam

    Take Exam

    Stage-4: Exam

    Feel high on acquired knowledge and credentialStage-5: After Exam



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  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    Within 2 months of completing PgMP workshop

    When to give the exam?

    4/17/2016 15

  • PgMP Examination Preparation - SPM 2nd & 3rd Edition

    Syllabus Outline

    Introduction to



    Organisation Vision and Mission

    Business value

    Organisation Strategic planning

    Portfolios, Programs, Projects and


    Decision making Program or Project

    Program and Project distinctions

    Program Management

    Program Manager skills and competencies

    Program Management Office

    Introduction to Exam Content Outline (ECO)

    Practice questions


    Map current engagements into portfolios,

    programs, projects and operations.




    domain and life


    Program Life Cycle

    Program management domains

    Program Strategy Alignment

    Program Benefits Management

    Program Stakeholder Engagement

    Program Governance

    Program Management Change cycle

    Practice questions




    Introduction to Program strategic alignment

    Organizational strategy and program alignment

    Program selection by portfolio

    Program Mandate

    Program formulation sub-phase dataflow diagram