Leadership Development Model (LDM)

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Text of Leadership Development Model (LDM)

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Why World needs AIESEC?

How we want to achieve it?We believeLEADERSHIPis fundamental solution!

How we are developing leaders?By delivering to participants of our ELD program members Inner and Outer Journey.

What leadership AIESEC develop?AIESEC's leadership development model comes from years of study. What do AIESECers develop and what makes our organization so unique? AIESEC creates world citizens, who are self-aware, able to empower others, and solution oriented!

Believes in their ability to make a difference in the worldInterested in the world issuesEnjoys taking responsibility for improving the world


Communicates effectively in diverse environmentsDevelops and empowers other peopleEngages with others to achieve a bigger purpose

Understands and lives personal valuesFocuses on strengths over weaknessesExplores ones passions

Adapts and shows resilience in the face of challengesTransmits positivity to move forward throughout uncertaintyTakes risks when its needed