Creative ways to attract more visitors to your website

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Text of Creative ways to attract more visitors to your website

  1. 1. CreativeCreative waysways toto attractattract moremore visitorsvisitors toto youryour WebsiteWebsite
  2. 2. CreateCreate AmazingAmazing BlogsBlogs This builds your relationship with your readers, resulting in visitorsvisitors who check back frequently to view your latest posts
  3. 3. Become Active On Social Media Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube LinkedIn Google Plus
  4. 4. Start aStart a facebookfacebook group that drivesgroup that drives traffic to your sitetraffic to your site
  5. 5. Make your content ViralViral ViralViral marketing is a way for you to spread your marketing message like a virus
  6. 6. Work on your HHeadlineeadline Do a Google search for your standard keywords-the ones that people generally use to find your site.
  7. 7. UUpdate WWebsite FFrequently
  8. 8. Don't neglect Email MarketingDon't neglect Email Marketing Branded Templates High Impact Direct
  9. 9. Make Sure Your Site is Fast The faster your site loads, the better... Optimize as possible including image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of third- party plugins
  10. 10. Try PPC AdsTry PPC Ads
  11. 11. People love to get something for free. Offer a giveaway for registration, best comment, contests etc. FREEFREE GiveawaysGiveaways
  12. 12. Promote yourPromote your URLURL Add your URL to interesting comments you leave on another site
  13. 13. Other miscellaneousOther miscellaneous IIDDEEAASS Answer questions on Yahoo! Social Bookmarking Link Baiting Use eye-catching photos and graphics Create and Upload Slides Produce a podcast Make use of SEO strategies
  14. 14. ATEESATEES