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<ul><li> 1. ENHANCING CAPACITY THROUGH CONTINOUS MEDICAL EDUCATION (CMEs) Carol Wanjugu 18th 20th June 2014 KICC, Nairobi </li></ul> <p> 2. Background Objective Description and Methodology Lessons learned Next steps Questions and Answers Outline of presentation 3. Effective programming through data management, documentation and sharing of results and lessons Regular capacity enhancement for stakeholders for quality, up to date and consistent data Evidence based reporting and translation of data into information relevant for decision-making through packaging, communication and dissemination in a format and accessible language Background 4. To establish a quality improvement initiative that promotes a culture of constantly and regularly enhancing capacity of staff. Objective 5. Quarterly feedback meetings tend to only show the achievements and lessons learnt BUT doesnt fully equip the staff with new ideas CMEs last approximately 45 minutes after the meeting Staff showcase new innovations and share best practises. Description and Methodology 6. CME on Contraceptive use Description and Methodology 7. CMEs contributes in: Sharing of new ideas/ best practices Promotes a culture of learning and innovation Boosting confidence of staff Enhance development of team work and creates a support network Lessons learned 8. NOPE has registered improvement in: Project reporting that is informative Enhanced understanding of project indicators Prompt data management. Lessons learned 9. Strengthen advocacy among senior level management to support the implementation of institutional M&amp;E framework which encourages a culture of continuous learning Encourage other stakeholders in the CMEs to equip staff not only on project issues but also environmental, social and political issues that affects the staff welfare Next Steps 10. Than You! Questions? </p>