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<p>ASSISTED LIVING</p> <p>ASSISTED LIVING</p> <p>Assisted LivingAssisted living defines ones help to live a better and tension free life.On assisted Living a patient gets every facility that is needed for reliable life.</p> <p>FACILITIES WITH ASSISTED LIVING</p> <p>ASSISTANCE WITH DAILY ACTIVITIES</p> <p>Assistance for Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting and Walking etc are given to the residents who require it.Access To Health CareIndependent living and assistance living are not medical models of senior living care but in these communities the new therapy is needed like Medication Management and maintaining record.</p> <p>Positive Atmosphere And WellnessMost Assisted living organization arrange variety of activities and entertainment to engage residents and enhance the quality of life. Like..gardening club, outings etc.</p> <p>MealsSenior communities meals vary from day to day and meal to meal. specialized nutritional meals are provide D to them all THE time.</p> <p>7Safety And SecuritySenior living residents are provided 24/7 security for any emergency requirement.</p> <p>TransportationSenior residents are given transportation as per their desire like want to go for shopping or to meet the doctor etc.</p> <p>In assisted living they dont need to worry about repair responsibility rather they have to inform the administration and the problem will be fixedNo Worries Whom should we consider for Assisted Living?With Following Symptoms.. Not Able To Walk Properly Mentally Depressed Can Not Live Alone With Mental Or Physical DisabilitiesMaking Assisted Living Decision</p> <p>At certain age our grand parents need extra help, care and support in their daily activities of living such as Good Food, Well Housing, Health Care and safety, and expect that AT a personal LEVEL .</p> <p>Where will they find IT.?</p> <p>The assisted living where they find the right personal care to lead a healthy and active life-style all in a caring environment.</p> <p>The Quality Facilities Like Selection Of Suites Or Private Apartments17Assisted Living allows our grand parents the facility as their need changes throughout retirement.</p> <p>How to find an assisted living facility for a senior..?</p> <p>Understand the difference first About a Nursing home and assisted livingCalculate what you can afford</p> <p>It will help you to determine which prospective facility fit into your budget..</p> <p>Determine what services are Needed first .?Make a list of most important services</p> <p>Check Out Standard And Reviews Before Visiting</p> <p>Talk To Current Residents Meet the current residents and ask about what they think about the facility</p> <p>Have a healthy and safe liFeThank YouResources:</p>