Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Stress

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  • 1. Top 10 Ways toReduce Your Stress

2. #1: Start from ConsciousnessAcknowledging the factthat you have a badhabit is the first step togetting rid of it. 3. #2: Embrace Its RoleHabits usually have anunderlying cause in our life.Whether its stress oranother type of copingmechanism, embracing thisrole and working on issuescan help you beat the habitsooner. 4. #3: Let it GoAcknowledge the badhabit is no longernecessary in your life. 5. #4: Create an Action PlanMost bad habits dont just goaway because we want them to.Create an action plan toachieve your goals. 6. #5: Small Goals FirstSet smaller goals first to leadyou to your bigger, final goalof kicking the habit for good. 7. #6: Be AccountableHave an accountabilitypartner you can talk toand be heldaccountable to. 8. #7: Seek Professional HelpSometimes our will andeffort is not enough.Seek professional ormedical help whenneeded. 9. #8: Track Your ProgressKeep a journal and make notof your progression as yougo along. It will help you seehow far youve come andhow close you are to yourgoal. 10. #9: Join a Support GroupThere is strength innumbers, so use thisto your advantage. 11. #10: Never Give UpNext quit on quitting. Use all thetips in this slide show before youeven consider itand then justtry them all again. 12. Need More Stress Tips?Visit us at Spirited Lady Living