Team 3 status report#7

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1. VOIDDStatus Report #7Voice Recognition for the Deaf VOIDDTeam3Ahmad TurkiJoaquim JaimeMarcos Francisco March 23, 2011 2. Overall NeedDesign an all-in-one portable device that will allow the hard of hearing to be aware of their surroundingsDesign MilestonesDesign the overall Electric DiagramJanuary 2011Test the Speech Recognition CircuitJanuary 2011Microcontroller Programming & TestingFebruary 2011Test the prototype March 2011Design system casingMarch 2011 3. Completed TasksTasks Completed Recently Done with main code in the microcontroller 4. Installed the vibrator in the wristband. 5. Uploaded the teams website. 6. Visited the Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf Children. 7. Designed the project logo.Ongoing/Pending TasksDesigning the case. Adding more voices to the V.D. Updating the teams website. Working on sound vs. speech detection 8. Upcoming TasksCombine all parts in the caseFinal Test 9. Functional Block Diagram 10. Schedule 11. Schedule