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Study Abroad Programs, Summer Study Abroad, Internships Abroad, Volunteering Abroad, High School Study Abroad, Intensive Language ProgramsStudy Abroad Programs in Kenya, Volunteer ProgramsVolunteer Programs Abroad enable you to gain leadership experience abroad and immerse yourself in another culture while serving a greater good. Many organizations and graduate programs look for individuals who volunteer their time and willingly involve themselves in projects to serve others. By participating in a volunteer program abroad, you can roll a study abroad experience, leadership experience, and volunteerism into one. RegardsSteveinfo@lecdenkenya.com


  • 1. Study Abroad Programs, Summer Study Abroad,Internships Abroad, Volunteering Abroad, High SchoolStudy Abroad, Intensive Language ProgramsStudy Abroad Programs in Kenya, Volunteer ProgramsVolunteer Programs Abroad enable you to gain leadership experience abroad andimmerse yourself in another culture while serving a greater good. Many organizationsand graduate programs look for individuals who volunteer their time and willinglyinvolve themselves in projects to serve others. By participating in a volunteer programabroad, you can roll a study abroad experience, leadership experience, and volunteerisminto one.Text List of Countries with Volunteer Programs >>Featured Volunteer Abroad ProgramsDo you want to go beyond tourism and travel with a purpose? Through Lecden-kenyaVolunteer Programs you can have a positive impact on the people and places you visitwhile having the time of your life. Volunteer for 2-12 weeks in KenyaProgram HighlightsCross-Cultural Solutions: Volunteer Abroad for the Experience of a Lifetime!

2. Lecden-Kenya offers volunteer internship opportunities in Kenya CommunityDevelopment for support and cross cultural exchange with the help of local andinternational volunteers.INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIESIf you would like to make a meaningfull contributions in developing countries, but youare not exactly sure how, then you have come to the right place. This placement optionsare available in Primary health care, Social work, human right, Environment,Infrustrucrure, Agriculture just to name but a few. Since each placement is created foryou, anyone can participate (university students, graduate students or experiencedprofessionals). We will help you design the internship project to ensure that both you andthe organization benefit. Internship opportunities include:-Medical/health InternsVolunteer Medical interns are involed in various medical and nursing fields inhealthcare work delivery in the community hospitals, clinics and health centers.Volunteers work under supervision of medical doctors, nurses, dentists and clinicalofficers to provide quality health care services for communities.Volunteer TeachingVolunteers work in formal and non-formal teaching in both primary and secondaryschools in rural areas. They teach English, Mathematics and other subjects as well asextra-curricular activities. This is a long term placement form 3 months to 2 years.Orphanages/CentersVolunteers work in orphanage homes assisting the kids with creative activities. Inaddition to this volunteers help in the kitchen preparing meals, help with laundry, mopthe floor, washing dishes and clothes, give those who are sick their medication and 3. volunteers story telling skills will be put to good use inspiring and motivating thechildren mostly those who are mentally affected due to problems affecting the societyfrom poverty to HIV/AIDS.InfrastructureConstruction, Repairs, engineering, Alternative energy eg solar and others. Volunteerswill assist on construction in a school, an Orphanage, a community church, repairingyour host familys house, painting, renovating a classroom, a local church, an old ladyshouse e.t.cRequired skills Volunteers do not need to have any skills or knowledge aboutconstruction, as they will mainly be doing unskilled work such as digging, mixing sandand cement, carrying rocks, sand and bricks, fetching water, and painting . They will beled by skilled Kenyans and work together with local community. Get your hands dirty tomake a differenceResearch projects could include:-organic farming.-Effects of climate change.-Effects of programmes on gender-equality.-Product Development.-Research on (eco) tourism possibilities and small tourism-related industries(souvenirs etc.)-Research and development of alternative renewable energy sources.You are welcome for this placement if you meet the following requirements: 4. -For interns, you must be a proffessional with atleast 2 years of experince of work or agraduate with either higher diploma or degree in the following volunteer related fields:(organic) agriculture, livestock / poultry, forestry, water & sanitation management /irrigation, business, marketing, ICT, development studies, anthropology or humangeography;-An interest in developong countries-Ability to work independently and as part of a team-You are flexible and can adapt easily to different cultural circumstances-Strong interpersonal relations, verbal and written communication skills-You are comfortable to live in a rural environment with limited facilities and leisureopportunities-High energy and goal oriented-Good organisational skills, able to carry out research and and attention to detail.-You are available for at least 3 months;VOLUNTEER FEES TAKE CARE OF THE FOLLOWING :-Airport Pick-up: On Arrival and Departure: Once you give us your flight details ourproject coordinator and a driver will be at the JKIA airport to pick you up.Orientation: Including important pre-departure information as well as on-siteorientation on local culture, history and customs.Internship arrangement: All your internship arrangement and well being whilevolunteering is our big concern and priority and ensure your placement is secure andsafe. Our coordinator will provide whatever support you may need at any step along andour supervisor will always assist at the ground.Accommodations/Meals: We carefully select host family connecting you to the cultureand social, economic and political events in the community and country. You areprovided with three meals a day and you will be flexible to intervene and assist incooking/food preparation.Transportation to the project: Volunteers are transported to and from their placementlocation by shared bus/shuttle. 5. Certificate of Completion/Participation: You will be provided with a certificate showingyour participation with us and a recommendation letter as an appreciation forvolunteering with us.Farewell: Is arranged on the last day either at the host family, School, and orphanagesas a way of appreciation to the volunteer for the time and ability to give to thecommunity. It is a day of exchanging gifts and celebrate for having successfully workedtogether.WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN VOLUNTEER COST :* International Airfare* Visa* Insurance* Vaccinations* Medical Bill* Tours and safarisVOLUNTEER/PROGRAM FEE FOR YEAR 2010 (this applies to all programmes.)* Cost for two weeks US$ 527* Cost for three weeks US$ 634* Cost for one Month US$ 741* Cost for five weeks US$ 848* Cost for six weeks US$ 955* Cost for seven weeks US$ 1062* Cost for two Months US$ 1169Volunteers pay additional USD 100 (one hundred usd)for every week thereafter.WHAT YOU NEED TO VOLUNTEER WITH US*All volunteers must be 18 years and above.* A medical background is required for the Medical/Health Program. 6. * Have a positive attitude and be flexible to adjust to the living conditions.* English speaking.If you still want to volunteer with us, fill out the application form. Upon receipt of yourform we will contact you within two working days.All applicants will be notified by email on their placement and will be given a pre-departure information before arrival.Children Program in Orphanage/Care CenterThe orphanage work program is highly challenging and rewarding, as you will bechanging the lives of orphaned children who rarely receive opportunities to interact withother people. Share love and care for innocent, troubled, and forgotten children, offerthem a profound gift.. Working with orphaned children demands lots of patience, asthese childrens harsh living conditions have often alienated them from society.A volunteers responsibility depends on the needs of the orphanage and the skills andinterests of the volunteer. Most of the orphanages aim at the provision of educationopportunities to orphans; therefore, in most cases, volunteers teach basic conversationEnglish to the children. Volunteers also help in developing creative programs such asart, music, dance, sports, etc. Additional help on day trips, sanitation, cooking, andadministration might be requested.Children Feeding ProgramChildren at the CenterOne of the most wonderful opportunities that work in children orphanage can give you isthe chance to share your love and skills with poor orphaned children. Many volunteershave deemed the work life changing. By offering attention and love to children, you aremaking a real difference in the life of a young person. Whether you have a background inchildcare or simply enjoy sharing love with kids, a smile can offer something meaningfulto the life of kids deprived of love and care. 7. As a volunteer, you can help care for children in orphanages. Children are an integralpart of all societies around the world and providing adequate care for them is animportant part of everyday life. As an international volunteer this type of placementprovides an opportunity for active hands-on work as well as a unique cultural exchangeopportunity. Many orphanages are community initiated and operated by local communitymembers. Often government support and staff are minimal; therefore the institutions arenot provided with the necessary resources to optimize the childrens care. Theorphanages rely upon volunteers to support their long-term sustainable initiativesthrough simple tasks and creative energy. Sharing your time with the children, you willbe offering them the family love which they have not been privileged with, you will bepresenting to them a reason to live as normal as you and us.You may be assisting with daily routines helping cook and feed the children, playing withthem, and devising games for their leisure after school and on weekends. Through allthat you do, the individual attention and love that you give the children will last in theirmemories for a lifetime. The single most important factor in the development of youngchildren is relationships with caring adults. Whether you have a background in childcareor simpl