Mobile Computing For Decision Support and Learning While You Work

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Presented at the RSNA 2013 InfoRad Refresher Course

Text of Mobile Computing For Decision Support and Learning While You Work

  • 1. Mobile Computing For Decision Support and Learning While You Work ! Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D. ! University of Iowa College of Medicine / University of Iowa Children's Hospital ! Jeffrey R. Galvin, M.D. ! University of Maryland and American Institute for Radiologic Pathology ! James J. Choi, M.D. ! Musculoskeletal Radiologist, Iowa Radiology ! !
  • 2. Who We Are, What We're Up To, Some Ground Rules ! 3 generations of medical educators with long history of creating digital teaching tools! Hands on tour of mobile computing educational resources that are mainly free! We use these tools in the course of our work! We have experience + opinions + material to cover! But - we want this to be an interactive presentation! We want to learn from you:! Demographics of audience: 50% outside US + 50% in private practice! You have experience + opinions as well and we want to hear from you and we want you to ask questions! So we're going to make this a Web 2.0 presentation taking advantage of mass collaboration and the wisdom of the crowds!
  • 3. Learning Objectives ! Learn to perform decision support on a mobile device at the point-of-care to answer questions that arise during clinical work and thus tie learning to practice and receive point-of care CME for it ! Learn to read Ebooks and educational apps on a mobile device! Learn to stay up-to-date with radiology journals and society news on a mobile device! Learn to manage a library of journal articles on a mobile device! Learn to view podcasts and vodcasts on a mobile device ! Learn to maintain a learning portfolio / teaching le on a mobile device!
  • 4. Our Philosophy Learning is an Apprenticeship ! "In what may be called the natural method of teaching, the student begins with the patient, continues with the patient, and ends his studies with the patient using books and lectures as tools, as means to an end."! - Sir William Osler! Learning at the point-of-care! Is best way to change physicians' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors! And thus improve patients' care, outcomes and lives !
  • 5. The Post-PC Era Ubiquitous Computing ! ! "In the beginning, there were no computers. ! Then there were computers. ! Then they disappeared."! ! !- John Seely Brown, computer scientist, Xerox PARC ! Post-desktop model of human-computer interaction in which information processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday objects + activities! Can be dened as machines that t the human environment instead of forcing humans to t the machines' environment! Father was Mark Weiser of Xerox PARC in 1988! "Ubiquitous computing names the third wave in computing, just now beginning. First were mainframes, each shared by lots of people. Now we are in the personal computing era, person and machine staring uneasily at each other across the desktop. Next comes ubiquitous computing, or the age of calm technology, when technology recedes into the background of our lives." ! ! ! ! ! !- Mark Weiser! Popularizer was Steve Jobs with iPod + iPhone + iPad!
  • 6. What To Choose? ! Platform / Ecosystem! Android (Wild West) vs. iOS (well managed, "it just works", in-person support) vs. Windows Phone / 8 / RT! Consider: App store, upgradability, security, fragmentation! Business model! Apple makes money on hardware, does not make money on services! Google would give away hardware, just to make money on services! They are becoming more similar! Apple diversifying in form factor + price! Google asserting more control over Android software + hardware (own Motorola)! Form Factor! Phone, phablet, tablet, (watch)! Plan! Subsidized vs. prepaid! For Android consider Google's Nexus 5 phone + Nexus 7 tablet! Run pure Android with latest + greatest version of OS!
  • 7. Quick Survey ! How many Android users?! How many iOS users?! How many Windows Phone / 8 / RT users?!
  • 8. Decision Support - Browser Situating Learning in Practice + Receiving CME ! Safari (iOS) Chrome (Android) Explorer (Win)! The browser is the killer app! Use radiology-specic search engines to bring together in Google's interface the best free Web resources!!!! Receive 0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits / question (up to 20 hours / year) !
  • 9. Decision Support - Apps ! Medscape (Android+iOS) Textbook-like! IASLC Staging Atlas (Android+iOS) e-Anatomy(Android+iOS)!
  • 10. Education - Apps ! Radiology 2.0 One Night In The ED (iOS) Teaching les! Ctisus iQuiz (iOS) Radiology Assistant (Android+iOS)!
  • 11. Ebooks ! Kindle (Android+iOS+Win) Google Play Books (Android) iBooks (iOS)! Formats - Kindle [.mobi /.azw /.kf8] (All), EPUB [.epub] (All), iBooks2 [.ibooks] (iOS), PDF [.pdf] (All)! 2,225 educational radiology Ebooks were found in the Kindle (1,955), iTunes (170) and Play (100) stores! Questions! !What is the difference between an Ebook and an educational app?! !Will educational apps be replaced by iBooks2 Ebooks?! !What is the advantage of an Ebook over a PDF?! !What is the advantage of a dedicated Ebook reader?!
  • 12. Staying Up To Date With Societies Social Media ! Twitter (Android+iOS+Win)! Subscribe to the news feeds of the ACR, ARRS, RSNA, subspecialty societies! Stream of news ~ Filter with lists! Facebook is an alternative !
  • 13. Staying Up To Date With the Literature Really Simple Syndication (RSS) ! RSS RSS ! ! ! ! Feedly (Android+iOS) Radiographics (iOS)! !Is a newsfeed generated by a Web site when it is updated! !Lets you subscribe to Web site + be notied when it is updated! !Lets you take control + lter re hose of information! Stream of journal articles ~ Filter by subscriptions! The Old Reader browser-based feed reader is an alternative! What is advantage of using app to access journals vs. Web browser?!
  • 14. Managing a Library of Journal Articles !Medical Literature Database ! Papers (iOS) iAnnotate (Android+iOS) GoodReader (iOS) / ezPDF (Android)! Dropbox (Android+iOS+Win)! How to create a le system on a mobile device?! What is best way to handle PDFs organized in folders so you can read them when ofine?! Dropbox alone? GoodReader alone? Dropbox + GoodReader! Alternatives for cloud storage - Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive!
  • 15. Listening to Podcasts + Vodcasts ! iTunes (iOS) Podcasts (iOS) Beyond Pod (Android)! Examples - CTisUS, LearningRadiology, Radiology, AJNR! Simple on iOS - all podcasts indexed in iTunes Store or Podcasts app! Difcult on Android - nd XML le containing RSS feed of podcast + type it into podcast aggregator (feed:// )! DoggCatcher is an alternative for Android!
  • 16. Personal Learning Environment ! Custom search engine Apps / Web sites Learning Portfolio! System that help learners take control of and manage their own learning including providing support for learners to! Set their own learning goals! Manage their own learning - both content and process ! Communicate with others in the process of learning! = summation of software programs / Apps / Web sites you use! Learner-centric ~ "This is what I will learn today"! Decentralized ~ Standards are the glue that hold it together!
  • 17. The Learning Continuum ! Data -> Information -> Knowledge - > Wisdom / Mastery ! [acquired + organized] [reected] [shared] Personal learning environment -> Social learning network ! [focus on individual] [focus on group] ! !
  • 18. How the Medical Apprentice Learns ! Diagnosis! Clinical skills related to experience! When seeing a new case you encapsulate it in an "illness script" which you pattern match to previous cases "illness scripts" in order to diagnose! Case-based reasoning / Storytelling! Expert is the person who can best capture, organize, and retrieve their experience (cases)! Treatment! Work up driven by medical knowledge! - Schmidt HG, Norman GR, Boshuizen HPA. A Cognitive Perspective on Medical Expertise: Theory and Implications. Acad Med 1990 Oct;65 (10):611-21. !
  • 19. E-Memory System - Digitization Of Your Life ! A digital archive of your life! "Lifelogging"! Made possible / inevitable by! Most memories are digital! Near-innite space to store them! Ever improving technology to recall them! Captures, stores, organizes and makes