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Creative Solutions in Lean Budget TimesNational Rx Drug Abuse Summit 4-11-12

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  • 1. Creative Solutions in LeanBudget TimesApril 10-12, 2012 Walt Disney World Swan Resort

2. Accepted Learning Objectives:1. Describe the successful Recovery Kentuckyprogram as a means to provide additional recoverycenters.2. Describe the primary outcome of the SheridanProgram reduced recidivism and how thisoutcome is affected by intermediate programoutcomes such as completion of the therapeuticcommunity, admission and retention in communitytreatment, and completion of case managementrequirements.3. Evaluate the cost of incarceration versus the cost ofproviding treatment/recovery services. 3. Disclosure Statement All presenters for this session, Leslie Balonick and Mike Townsend, have disclosed no relevant, real or apparent personal or professional financial relationships. 4. What is Recovery Kentucky? Initiative to help Kentuckians recover from substance abuse that often leads to chronic homelessness. Studies indicate that substance addiction is one of the leading causes of homelessness in the Commonwealth. 5. Who Will Be Served? Homeless At risk of homelessness Referrals from judicial system 6. Housing Recovery Centers Geographic Distribution Geographically distributed toensure access to facilities for allKentuckians 7. Locations 8. Facility Model Serves up to 100 individuals at a time Model corresponds to program. Encompasses space for: Safe off the Streets 15 beds (SOS) Motivational Tracts 15 beds (MT) 70 single room housing units 9. Owensboro Reg. Recovery 10. Harlan facility 11. Campbellsville entrance 12. Lexington mens facility 13. Paducah admissions - lobby 14. Owensboro Lobby 15. Owensboro Kitchen 16. Owensboro Kitchen 17. Harlan dining room 18. Paducah- Safe off the Streets 19. Hopkinsville trudging 20. Harlan bedroom 21. Liberty Place entrance 22. Financial ModelDevelopment of facility funded by: Low Income Housing Tax Credits (Housing Credits) HOME Investment Partnerships Program Federal Home Loan Bank 23. Operation of Recovery ProgramOperation of facility funded by:Project-Based Section 8 Community Development BlockGrant (CDBG)Department of CorrectionsFood Stamps 24. Program Success Success defined as maintaining sobriety for 12 months or longer. In recent U. of K. CDAR follow-up survey 75% were abstinent one year later 84% decrease in arrests. 85% decrease in jail time $1 invested $3 saved in societal costs due to substance abuse 25. Sober Living, Supportive Housing Model Self-help Education Personal accountability Community accountability Vocational support Positive behavior change 26. Recovery Kentucky Model Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Dynamics Residents may live up to 24 months in supportive housing recovery program 27. Phases of the Recovery Kentucky Model Safe off the Streets (Intake) Motivational Tracks I & II (Trudging) Phase I (Recovery Program) Phase II (Peer Mentor/Transitional) 28. Principles of a Social Model Program Alcoholics Anonymous based: Program and staffs basis of authority is experiential: Participation is not coerced: 29. Principles of a Social Model Program Peer Mentors and program participants help run the program with professional staff support Physical environment is home-like, not institutional. 30. Critical Elements of the Model 1. Guide & direct client through the 12 Steps 2.Teach Recovery Dynamics 3. Hybrid therapeutic community 4. Role model social skills & positive change 5. Accountability 24/7 self & others 31. Critical Elements 6. Keep focus on recovery first 7. Ownership of the disease 8. Empowerment/self-determination 9. Attraction 10. Self-governance 11. Peer teaching 12. Working with others 32. Critical Elements 13. Sharing experience, strength, & hope 33. Critical Elements 14. Zero tolerance: A. Drug/alcohol use B. Violence or threats of violence C. Racism D. Sexual acting out E. Stealing 34. Critical Elements 15. Meeting people where they are 16. Loving people to life 17. I am my brothers/sisters keeper 18. Unconditional love for the individual confront behavior 35. Recovery Kentucky Peer driven but supervised by professional staff. Education and self-help programs helps resident focus on internal changes in attitude, errors in thinking and ultimately behavioral change that supports a drug-free life. 36. Recovery Kentucky Recovery Kentucky Program will help residents identify: The problem The solution The action stepsClients learn lifetime solutions to their problem.