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local news letter Goodwood Western Cape South Africa

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  • Townsend Post Be seen in the Townsend Post

    The Townsend Post Is a newsletter dedicated to serve the

    Goodwood area and will be released on a fortnightly basis. The Townsend Post

    wishes to bring affordable advertising into the reach of the home and small business owner, as well as acting as a platform for home and small businesses in the area to market themselves to those in their local area. It is often the case that people do not know that the small job they need done or that personal touch that they

    require can be done by someone from their own community and often at a frac-

    tion of the price.

    Help make your community stronger.

    For more Information on Placing an ad or if you just want to say something to the community,

    The Townsend Post can make your voice heard.

    Please call 083 266 1771


    ISSUE 3 25/02/2011

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    Make this space work for you

    AT ONLY R50 FOR affordable ads for

    the HOME & small business

    owners Call 083 266 1771 or email

    Wanted 2 or 3 bedroom house to rent

    in Goodwood or sur-rounding area. Married couple

    with no kids. Husband will look after and do maintenance

    in return for a reasonable rental. Please SMS contact detail to 082 869 1230

  • Thoughts from BILLY THE CAT What has happened to descent rentals in Goodwood and the surrounding areas? Why must the average working cat use more than half his or her monthly earnings just for a roof over his or her head? I have also noticed how big

    companies buy blocks of flats and are happy to take the monthly rent from the tenants, yet they do not want to spend even 5% of the monthly income of the block of

    flats to maintain it. A block in Townsend street is a good example of this, when the company that now owns the block took it over, many promises of maintenance were made yet almost none were kept. Promises of upgrades

    were not kept at all. Tenants are expected to pay ever in-creasing rentals yet owners don't seem to care that their

    tenants have to live in an unpleasant building in a state of disrepair and sometimes even dangerous and unsanitary

    conditions. Have something to whisper in my ear?

    Send me your thoughts SMS :082 869 1230

    SMS`s ...5506 ...where have the traffic cops gone? People

    park on pavements & moth-ers with prams have to go

    into the road to pass... ...4783 ...the workers on

    these trucks don't pick up what`s not in the bin, Ruyter-

    wacht is a rubbish heap...

    Make this space work for you AT ONLY R80

    FOR affordable ads for the HOME & small business owners Call 083 266 1771

    or email