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  • 1. Working Smarter for Better HealthThe Role of the OutreachLibrarianCarl Marsh - Head of Client OperationsKieran Lamb Head of Evidence ServicesWorking Smarter for Better Health

2. Working Smarter for Better HealthOutline Who we are Outreach Librarian Evidence Based Decision Making to Support Population Healthand Commissioning Enquiry Service Document Supply E-Resource Management Awareness and User Education Keeping Up-to-Date User Satisfaction and Understanding Users Ensuring We DeliverWorking Smarter for Better Health 3. Working Smarter for Better HealthWho We AreClinicalSupportServicesCorporate Services 4. Working Smarter for Better HealthOur Vision & ValuesOur Vision"By working smarter, we will bethe leader in professionalservices and solutions thatsupport and transform the wayour clients improve the lives oftheir populations"Our ValuesWePut our clients first the focus of our effortsWork better together through teamwork,partnership andcollaborationHave integrity professionalism, respectand honestyGet creative ... thinking differentlyabout the way we workto create a culture ofimprovementHave fun passionate about whatwe do, and how we do itLook after each other ... creating an environmentin which staff canflourish 5. Working Smarter for Better HealthEvidence Based Decision Making toSupport Population HealthCommissioning SupportSupport redesign of therapyservices in the community byproviding the evidence of whata great service looks likeelsewhere.Supporting the redesign ofwheelchair and equipmentservices. Looking particularly atguidance.Using different funding modelsto transform delivery of care.Population HealthRecent examples are aroundsupporting Liverpool PublicHealth to develop evidencebased guidelines to inform thecommissioning process.Supporting understanding ofthe delivery of social prescribingin a primary healthcare settingto improve mental health. 6. Working Smarter for Better HealthOutreach LibrarianRole of the Outreach Librarian Embedded with clients teams sitwith them to understand theirneeds Enable the outreach librarian to beeffective by utilisation of the widerlibrary network Delivers two way communicationwith team Simplifies access to informationresources Physical embodiment of knowledgeservices Link to wider library network 7. Working Smarter for Better HealthEnquiry Services Outreach librarian leads onlocal delivery of enquiryservices Can call on expertise of widerteam and capacity asrequired (62 years ofexperience) Key is dialogue with end userso people are aware of whatis happening with request 8. Working Smarter for Better HealthDocument Request SupplyKnowledge Document supply is based onknowledge of likely sources E-resources Local Holdings Regional Holdings National Schemes Knowing who to ask utilising professionalexperience Format that is useful to enduser Library network bringsadditional capacity 9. Working Smarter for Better HealthE-Resources ManagementManaging eResources Athens administration is aboutgranting permitted access anddisseminating permitted access. We are cogniscient of the flow ofAthens registration process, self-registration not simple from a LAenvironment Link resolver must be maintainedto maximise use of resources. Promote, promote, promote 10. Working Smarter for Better HealthKeeping Up-to-DateHorizon Scanning and CurrentAwareness Table of Contents great whererelevant but a bit hit or miss butcan be made precise using RSS Horizon Scanning more grey,key is the focus, get the scoperight the rest follows SDI repeated search based onnegotiation with end user todeliver a bespoke/tailored service Outreach Librarian needs to applylocal knowledge and relationshipsto service deliveryKey criteria to consider for relevance of HorizonScanning 11. Working Smarter for Better HealthAwareness and User EducationAwareness and UserEducation Utilise blended learning fordelivery of end user training: 1 to 1 Group Webinars Training is marketing (givespermission to request services) Utilise existing communicationchannels where possible andAthens 12. Working Smarter for Better HealthService Quality and UnderstandingUsersMeasuring What We Do Annual Library Quality AccreditationFramework Submission Activities subject to simple impactevaluation Annual user satisfaction survey shows100% desire to reuse service andExceeding Expectation in 94% ofservice delivery Focus groups/depth interviews used totriangulate information received fromquantitative reviews 13. Working Smarter for Better HealthEnsuring We DeliverCustomer RelationshipManagement Software All requests are tracked byCiviCRM Allows us to review times ofdelivery check we aremeeting target times Understand use patterns Distribute work amongst thewider team Understand client better 14. Working Smarter for Better HealthEnsuring we deliver Tactical Delivery Meetings Contract Review Meetings Individual Interface Meetings Client Reports BiannualReports to Commissioner andActivity and OutcomesPerformance Measures Client Satisfaction Survey Strategic Review Board Risk management 15. Working Smarter for Better HealthWhat Do We Offer You? An established Service with a track record fordelivering support for beneficial change Skilled staff with subject expertise andexperience A wealth of knowledge supported by physicaland electronic resources.