Let's get rid to Back Pain - A specially for Constant Computer Users

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  • Schematic cross-section of an inter-vertebral discHerniated disc

  • Causal factors for back pain

    Spinal fracture Herniated disc TB spine Mechanical low back pain - Diagnosis of exclusion 75-80% of cases.

    Spinal FractureHerniated DiscTB Spine

  • Trigger factors Excessive load on normal back Long / erratic hours Poor workplace ergonomics Stress: Physical, mental and emotional Travel

  • Normal load on weak or unprepared back Fatigue Improper posture/ chronic malpositioning Lack of exercise, poor physical conditioning Weight control problems

    Poor postureTrigger factors (contd)

  • Three phases of management strategy Treatment of acute episodes. Amelioration of chronic condition. Prevention of exacerbation/ reinjury.

  • The case against protracted rest Deconditioning: Loss of muscle strength and endurance Chance of micro traumatic injury Protracts recurrent episodes Maintains chronic disability Decreased flexibility Adversely modifies spinal biomechanics Physiology of disc hydration affectedAvoid pill popping

  • Exercise - for which patients? Central focus in 95% cases

    YES in mechanical causes NO in non-mechanical causes

  • Exercise types Back-specific exercises Peri-pelvic and LL flexibility and strengthening Aerobic conditioningDouble knee to chest stretch

  • Pelvic tiltSome exercises for the backLower trunk rotation stretch

  • Trunk Flexion StretchTrunk flexion stretchProne lumbar extensionSome exercises for the back

  • Alternate Prone Leg ExtensionAlternate prone leg extensionAerobic conditioning

  • Abdominal StrengtheningAbdominal strengthening

  • Lower Limb StretchesLower limb stretches

  • Complementary therapy Back hygiene and back school Correction of biomechanical factors Posture Weight control

  • Weight trainingYoga

  • YogaThe right chairCounter height

  • Working Posture

    Posture at workThe right posture

  • Sitting Posture

    Sitting postureForward bending

  • Pulling an Object

    Pulling an object

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