How do you get lean get lean eating functionally

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How do you get lean? By hunting a mammoth?

How do you get lean with functional eating

Getting lean is about building muscle and losing body fat, losing body fat is determined mainly by what you eat..

www.howdoyougetlean.comWhen it comes to getting lean and losing body fat a key consideration a participant/trainee should bear in mind are there goals and expectations with regards to diet. Your diet is the main way you lose body fat and it consists of simple whole foods eaten cyclically, this takes focus and discipline, too many people have expectations of tasty and fun food being the main consideration ahead of results, the main consideration to get clear first and foremost should be to eat in a simple functional way to strip of your body fat, the fun is in the results you achieve.

How do you get lean with functional eating

www.howdoyougetlean.comNow, I like most people enjoy a bit of eating out, especially breakfasts and even takeaways now and then and these foods can be incorporated into your maintenance diet in moderation depending on your activity level and health situation, but when it comes to achieving your goal in the first place a disciplined strategy is required. How do you get lean with functional eatingThe way to eat to get lean is understanding the GI/GL value of the foods you eat and how these effect the glycogen stores in your muscles and liver, to get lean you need to lower these stores so you can enter the fat burning zone.

So going into this you need to have your goals clear, you are trying to lose body fat, you want to be leaner and its going to take discipline and effort, people that try to tell you otherwise are probably trying to kid you into buying their products or something on the basis that its the easy way. How do you get lean with functional eatingNow its only human nature to seek out the easiest way and thats why these systems get advertised as such, but to get lean what you need to do is simple, just not that easy if you havent set your expectations correctly and with some simple adjustments you can be well on your way to a leaner body.The number one reality check required is to realise that eating to lose body fat is a functional process, you are eating in a set way to setup processes in your body that are conjusive to losing body fat fun, taste and enjoyment are a secondary consideration that you can experiment with once you get a grasp of the principals. The pleasure comes from following through on your decision to get lean and eating the simple foods that will get you there. You need to get into a routine and it will involve eating the same foods over and over again, this is because this is what is easiest to keep track of, this is how the most successful dieters achieve their physiques, they have attached more pleasure to how they look rather than the extended variety of what they eat and so can eat the same meals over and over to get leanwww.howdoyougetlean.comHow do you get lean with functional eating. So what are these foods you need to eat? Rich protein foods like meat and eggs, vegetables, legumes and limited amounts of fruits and nuts. Ideally meat, vegetables and legumes for most meals, notice that these sorts of foods are what we ate ancestrally, its how we optimally function. These foods can be eaten in any quantity to keep you full with the beauty being they dont spike your blood sugar levels and allow these to lower naturally and so then start to allow some of your stored body fat to be used as energy and this results in it being lost from your body.

www.howdoyougetlean.comHow do you get lean with functional eatingSo getting lean and losing your body fat is about the foods you eat and your diet. When you understand the principal that eating to get lean is a functional process thats about eating the appropriate foods to lower your glycogen levels and hence allow fat burning to occur you will be well on your way. Getting to this point of understanding means putting the functional eating goal ahead of the fun and taste desires often associated with eating as the simple foods required are just the basics. However as you become more experienced with functional eating and reach a maintenance phase you can experiment with expanding your menu to suit your desires.