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  1. 1. 800-736-4000 Ever since the power Point got introduced and became popular, a lot of different professions have started using it for various purposes like illustration, description, depiction, compilation, analysis etc. The list of all the contexts where we use power point now a days is endless. There is no end to the utilization of this powerful presentation tool. All across the world, we barely realize how this software has become such an indispensable part of our working. Every day millions of people give presentations and millions other become the audience of their presentation. Everyday various search engines are searched for free ppt templates for every topic we can possibly think of. Get Online Animated Osteoporosis Power Point Template
  2. 2. From seismic waves to solar system, biometrics to Disney world, Philanthropy to politics, economy to religion, and each and every extension of thinking has hundreds of free ppt templates dedicated to it. The power point presentations have served their purpose well by accommodating textual content, images etc in various arrangements and layouts made by the combination of text boxes, image boxes and other containing elements. Thousands of templates based on this format are made and used by the people all over the world. For a very long time this format of presentations has continued to be popular and useful.
  3. 3. But gradually over the large number of years it has been found that it is getting difficult to keep the interest of the audience intact for long by the same old format of power point presentations. So the new trend of animated PowerPoint slides came into picture. These animated slides bring the element of dynamism to the presentation. The movements in the animated slides can be utilized for the purpose of keeping the audience engaged in the process. The whole motive is to get an undivided attention which is very well done by these animated PowerPoint slides. A user can include as many motions and movements in a slide as he wants, but we should keep in mind that too much animation can be distracting.
  4. 4. Slide World Box 46111 Hillsborough county Tampa, FL - 33646 813-995-4000 View Source It is therefore a very tedious task to make presentation with animated slides which are having the right proportion of animation and static content. To make this task easier there are plenty of free animated PowerPoint slides available all over the internet. These free animated PowerPoint slides provide us not only the correct amount of dynamism for our presentation. They also let a user save a lot of time by using the slides already enabled with different animations. There are various kinds of animations available for different purposes. For instance, we make objects fly or dip for disappearance; objects can float on various sides, hop across the screen, spin or even shine and shimmer to increase emphasis. These animations help to convey the information to the audience in a very creative and visually appealing way.