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  • Fitness as an online multi-player game


  • Lack of MotivationIndividuals struggling with fitness know what to do. They simply cant motivate themselves to do it.


    82% Of New Years fitness goals

    set never achieve it.

    66% Of gym memberships go


  • SolutionFitness as an online multi-player game




    3 Core Elements: 1. Camaraderie - Provides social social support and peer pressure.

    2. Competition - Sparks natural drive to compete and win.

    3. Gaming - Makes fitness fun and sustainable, long-term

  • What Is It? EXERT is an app based fitness game. User is connected with 4 other people to play

    the game with.

    They battle against other real teams and earn points, pick up items and try to free the world.

    Story: Every human has had a VR-chip embedded

    into their brain. Exercise releases a chemical to inhibit this chip. Join the Awakening and free the world permanently. Find and free the best minds that unknowingly hold the secret to freedom. Careful though... if you undertake this assignment, you will be tracked down as a fugitive of the law.

    Get Fit. Free The World.

  • Product Accomplishment

    Track daily workout activity Do 60 second challenges Finish workouts Complete quests

    Social Communicate/encourage your team

    Competition Battle against other real teams

    Ownership Pick up random items used in game play Purchase items/boosters/etc from store

  • Initial Results 70X Beta Trials

    Ran over 300 participants through initial trials to test concept Average texts per day 30-40 per user Multiple images/videos uploaded per day Viral level of engagement

    Working out in public places to earn points Users asking strangers to exercise on video for points Obtained 70X level of engagement compared to average fitness apps

  • Market Size16.7 Million EXERT targets married men (with or without children) ages 25-39 that live in the United States.

    Married men in this demographic often feel trapped and wish to gain a feeling of freedom and sense of accomplishment.

    EXERT allows them to participate in a game without the negative stigma of a gamer.

  • Business ModelIn-app Purchases Users purchase items that enhance game experience

    Flashlight ($2.99) - See more of the map

    Camo ($3.99) - Makes you invisible to enemies for 24 hours


    Fitness/Nutrition Products EXERT has its own workout programs that users purchase to follow and earn points

    30 Day Navy Seal Program ($19.99) - 100 pts each workout

    All-Natural Whey Protein powder ($39.99/mo) - 50 pts per scoop


  • Market Adoption Partnerships

    Affiliate Relationships

    Media Relationships

    Joint Venture Partnerships

    Inter-game Sharing Share to earn

    points Free" your

    friends by inviting them to the game

    Paid Ads Lead

    generation through Facebook

  • Competition

    Individual Team









  • Competitive Advantages

    Integrations (Fitbit/Apple)

    1st to Market

    Strong affiliate relationships


    Compliment to Existing Fitness Solutions


  • Leadership Todd Kuslikis (co-founder)

    Founded/grew fitness startup from 0-30,000 customers in 5 years

    Grossed multiple-seven figures in direct response internet marketing

    Josh Barker (co-founder) Director at KPMG - won most prestigious Chairmans Award

    for the region. Intra-prenuer - created & grew SaaS product of a $50M business

    to become the core business

    Yu-kai Chou (top gamification expert) Rated #1 Gamification Guru. Behavioral & Game Design expert

    for Google, LEGO, TEDx, Stanford, BCG, SxSW. Creator of the Octalysis Framework

  • Capital Terms Raising $550K on

    Convertible Note $400K raised $150K seeking

    Use & Milestones March - Release v1 April - Release in-app purchases June - Hit 25,000 active users

    Through affiliate relationships Integration Fitbit/Apple $12,500/mo run

    Aug - Hit 50,000 active users Media relationships JV partnerships $25,000/mo run

    Oct - Start raising Series A

  • Return on Investment Trends in Last 3 Years: Sports companies

    buying fitness apps Under Armor bought MyFitnessPal ($450M)

    and MapMyFitness ($150M) Adidas bought Runtastic ($240M) ASICS bought Runkeeper ($85M)

  • Contact Todd Kuslikis - Co-founder/CEO Email: todd@RallyAll.com

    Josh Barker - Co-founder/CTO Email: josh@RallyAll.com