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2. Hello! We are red cross volunteers and we are looking for charity people.Wouldyou take part in an expedition? Think about it. Thanks. 3. But, Whencanwe go? I think wemustbecome volunteers SARAH I agree with you. I am sure that finally wewillgo at the expedition. ALICE JOHN 4. Dont worry about that, my oncle is the Volskwagen owner. Iwilltalk to him about it. But before going wemustearn some money looking for sponsors. When we will be in Africa wewillhave to work a lot. 5. Wecando a Web about our project and inform people. I dont like this idea. Wedont have todo it! Lets do it! Remember to put there the free phone: 08007317316. 6. I think the fly will take 5 hours, more or less, so Iwillbuy 2 newspapersI like sudokus, they are like a mental game.Iwilljust sleep during the fly. Zzzzzzzzz 7. Canwe stop now? I want to go to the toilete. I hate planes, they are always delayed, Icantunderstand it. Dont worry, in five minutes wewillarrive to our new home. 8. I am very tired. Icouldntsleep because of the noise. Will we have a siesta? 9. Helping people makes you feel great.I am tired but I am sure Iwillcome here in another expedition. 10. You cant imagine how many people said me thank you. I think they are more polite than us. TWO WEEKS LATER 11. Ihave tocreat a bank account for people who want rais money. We cant earn money being a volunteer but for me is the best possible job. 12.


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