Visualizing Data Effectively

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A presentation given to the Evangelical Press Association annual meeting on using visual data in nonprofit communication.


  • 1. Visualizing Data For Kingdom Impact Lessons from

2. Our Mission Our Mission: GMI leverages research and technology to create, cultivate, and communicate mission information leading to insight that inspires Kingdom service. 3 Information Provision Decision Support Kingdom-Centered Outcomes-based Evaluation The Knowledge Stewardship Cycle 3. The Challenge of Too Much Information Data is everywhere Data doesnt always agree neatly Data can be used manipulatively Data can be too specific 4. Are People Reading? 5. Living in a Post-Literate World A failure to screen content: We let it all in! Skimming not reading: Read a book in 10 minutes Consuming without applying: NEXT Sharing without thinking: Joe or Jane will love this! 6. Little Progress Past Comprehension 7. Key Skills in a Post-Literate World Curating content Using Visual Cues Following Influencers Reading Intentionally Knowing Where to Find Everything Else 8. Making Effective Infographics 9. Popularizing Complex Concepts Things naturally get complex Modernity taught us push for knowledge Simplicity takes radical discipline Simplicity is at the heart of popularization 10. To popularize is to Make data understandable accessible actionable 11. Design to Be Understood Dont be too creative Think in idea chunks Think where your infographic might end up Balance of content to design 12. Key Points Show dont tell fewer words! (Hard for researchers.) Do you have the right data? Is there a reason to share it next step. Does your text, data and visual work together or are you fighting yourself? Are you adding confusion/changing meaning? 13. How to Move Data To Narrative 1. What about this data will make a difference in your context? 2. How could you package that in a compelling way? 3. What is the hook? 4. What are the key pieces of the story? 5. What is the visual theme holding it together? 6. Is it easy to navigate and follow? 7. Is it easy to share and curate? size matters! 14. 23Provincesand23Countries 15. What We Have Learned So Far 1. Find the gems data that really says something 2. Create and defend your basic idea 3. Write a script just like you would for a radio show 4. Validate the script with those who understand the data 5. Hire designers who get data (there is a growing group of them) 6. Validate the design to make sure that the visualization has stayed true to the data 16. The Great Responsibility So much data with so little analysis leads to assumptions How can we represent data accurately while still making it compelling? What is our responsibility when we know our reader may not go beyond the graphic? 17. The Role of Maps A context for understanding the world Layering multiple sets of data for analysis A way to make global decisions 18. Examples of Infographics 19. Join us in Visualizing the Kingdom / @JonHirstGMI