Upgrade Your Constituents: Turning Visitors into Major Donors

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By Rosita Bradham and Keith Curtis


  • 1. Upgrade Your Constituents: Turning Visitors into Major DonorsPRESENTED BY KEITH CURTIS AND ROSITA BRADHAM

2. 2 #bbconKeith is president of The Curtis Group and the chair of Giving USAFoundationRosita is a principal consultant at Blackbaud, Inc. 3. Donor Pyramid3 #bbconMajor &Planned DonorsHighly Valued/Loyal DonorsAnnual DonorsOccasional/Event Donors 4. Fundraising Best Practices4 #bbconReligionIdentifyWho are potential donors?Develop individualized plans for engagementCultivateListen and involveMeet face to faceMake it personalSolicitWho is best person to ask?Tell story and ask donor to join you in personStewardFollow up and engageProvide info on impact of support 5. Building Donor Relationships5 #bbconSpend time with donors; not a transactionBuild trustDevelop emotional connectionBecome a philanthropic priority 6. 6 #bbconWHATISA MAJORGIFTTOYOU? 7. 7 #bbconHOWDOESYOURORGANIZATIONCURRENTLYCULTIVATEMAJORDONORS? 8. 2013 Giving: $335.17 billion8 #bbconINCLUDINGBEQUESTSANDFAMILYFOUNDATIONS,ABOUT9 OUTOFEVERY10 DOLLARSCOMESFROMINDIVIDUALS 9. Recipients of 2013 Gifts9 #bbcon 10. Where Dollars Go10 #bbconSource: 2010 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy by Bank of America, Merrill Lynch & Indiana University Center on Philanthropy 11. 11 #bbconWHYDOYOUGIVE? 12. HNWI: Motivations for Giving12 #bbconMake a differenceHave a meaningful relationship with nonprofitKnow and respect people involved (board and staff)Understand mission and needsAble to see measurable resultsFeel communication has substance, is meaningful and consistentPersonally asked for gift 13. HNWI: Why They Dont Give13 #bbconTheyre not askedPrior giving unacknowledged/not acknowledged enoughProvided insufficient information by nonprofitAsked by the wrong personNo direct personalized appealNo one asked them to give again 14. HNWI: Why They Dont Give14 #bbconTop reason why HNWI stopped giving to a nonprofit:Too frequently solicited orasked an inappropriate amountSource:2012 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy by Bank of America 15. HNWI: Summary15 #bbconFocus giving on smaller number of nonprofitsSee giving as investmentTo be a philanthropic priority, cultivation is important andunique to every prospect 16. Cultivation Steps16 #bbconBefore you can invite, you must:IdentifyInform/InterestInvolve 17. 17 #bbconHOWDOYOUSTAYINTOUCHWITHYOURTOPDONORS? 18. Identify Best Prospects18 #bbconStart with current donors:Major gift donorsLoyal, consistent donors with capacity to make major orplanned giftsOne time donors with capacityVolunteersProspects with relationship to board 19. Cultivation Plan19 #bbcon1. 20. Inform/Interest Prospects20 #bbconEducate them about your mission and its resultsHave a conversation, listening is criticalWhats their motivation for getting involved?Connect with them emotionallyWhat is the right fundraising match for each prospectFind out prospects idea of ROI 21. Cultivation Plan21 #bbconInform/Interest1. 22. Involve Prospects22 #bbconAsk for adviceOpen doorsParticipate in campaign planning studyTake part in a mission related activityVolunteerServe on a committeeJoin the boardConsider a current/planned gift 23. Cultivation Plan23 #bbconInvolve1. 24. Implement a Stewardship Plan24 #bbconA written document outlining cultivation stepsIdentify, evaluate, and assign solicitors to prospectsSchedule in-person meetings with potential donorsInvite prospects and current donors on toursEnsure donors are properly cultivated and ready to be askedCommunicate frequently with donors through phone calls, thank-you notes, and newsletters 25. 25 #bbconWHATCREATIVEWAYSHAVEYOUANDYOURORGANIZATIONCULTIVATEDDONORS? 26. What Donors Want26 #bbconBe updated on last gift before being asked againFeel appreciatedreceive thank you calls and one-on-one communicationHave a meaningful relationship with organizationKnow what you intend to do with their giftKnow their gift makes a difference 27. 27 #bbconDont forget to complete a session survey!Each completed survey enters you into a drawing to win a complimentary registration to bbcon2015 in Austin, Texas*.*Blackbaud reserves the right to change or withdraw this promotion at any time, without advance notice. Promotion has no cashvalue and may not be exchanged, applied to, or combined with any other offer.Feeling powered on for your mission? 28. 28 #bbconcurtisgroupconsultants.comblackbaud.com