Converting Chapter Donors to Foundation Donors

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  • What do a Catholic high school, a closed chapter house and a national fraternal organization have in common?

    See how each group used consistent, targeted and meaningful messaging to increase both donors and dollars, and in one case, doubled fundraising in just one year!

  • Its easy to say yes, we have a problem

    The next step is to work toward finding the potential in solving that problem. Your alumni care about your organization and those who give, most likely, have the potential to do more.

  • Bishop Carroll Catholic High School Problem Declining enrollment and decreased alumni/donor support.

    Solution Change the perception that faith-based values had become less prominent than extracurricular activities.

    Results A message that supports the 4 pillars of its mission: educating students in spirit, heart, mind and body. Within a year, fundraising dollars to the annual fund doubled.

  • Give your potential donors a reason to give back

    Find out what your alumni care about the most, then deliver to them meaningful and personally relevant stories.

  • We Are The Storytellers Telling Your Story

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  • A great way to engage and re-engage

    Communicate with alumni numerous times throughout the year using multiple touch points email, direct mail, social sites, appeals, personalized thank you letters.

  • Phi Kappa Tau Penn State Problem Chapter was suspended and campus house was closed.

    Solution Follow a consistent alumni communications program, which the chapter has done for a number of years.

    Results The chapters fundraising efforts continue to thrive even after suspension and a closed house.

  • Simple steps can produce big returns

    You are not alone in this challenge of alumni engagement and the need for donor fundraising. Start small and build on your success, just like many other organizations over the years.

  • Sigma Chi 13 chapters Problem One chapter was looking for ways to increase member engagement and keep donations on the upswing.

    Solution Alpha Chi at Penn State made a commitment to a communications program to stay connected and engaged with alumni.

    Results After this chapter experienced positive results, a total of 13 chapters across the country now follow this program and see gains in both donor engagement and fundraising dollars.

  • Your Dedication. Your Investment. Your Passion.

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