2nd annual fundraising 101 best practices 1 23-2016

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Fundraising Best Practices for Alaskas NonprofitsKen Miller Denali Fundraising ConsultantsChangePointSaturday January 23, 2016

1Denali FSP Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com 907 250-8488

OverviewPlan & Calendar Set goals & budget with staff & Executive DirectorCreate plan & calendar Online vs. offlineFunding from Organizations Who, when, what for, how muchGovernment fundingFoundation fundingFunding from Individuals Appeal & acquisition mailersEventsTelling the Right Story (Jeff Brooks) used with permissionOrganization as heroBeneficiary as heroDonor as hero

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com2

OverviewOnline & Digital Marketing Online basicsSocial mediaPromotion & marketing for nonprofitsPick Click Give FundamentalsMarketingEvent Promotion Why events?Digital/OnlinePSAsDirect mailPlease ask questions

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com3

OverviewMajor Donors What is a major donor?The first meetingRole playThe ask meetingRole playWrap upWhy AFPQuestions & answersFurther informationContact information Please ask questions

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com4

Your 2016 Annual Fundraising Campaign1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com5

Dashboard & Goals

Set goal for number of unique donorsSet goal for number of transactionsSet goal for amount in donations(see attached worksheet)

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com6

Sample Nonprofit Fundraising Dashboard

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com7

Plan & Calendar

Corporate requestsMailersEventsPCG Misc.See attached worksheet

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com8

Nonprofit Fundraising Calendar1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com9

Corporate, Foundation & Organizational RFFs(Request for Funding)Access background documentsAttempt to do 10-20 each monthCreate templateFind donors (AK Business Monthly etc.)Find appropriate ask amount and monthTrack resultsThank and acknowledge appropriately

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com10

Nonprofit information needed for organization requests (RFFs)

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com11

Organizational RFF template example

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com12

Organizational RFF template example

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com13

Government & Foundation GrantsOnlineRasmuson Tier 1 & 2Block, Carr & Gottstein Foundations etcReporting can be difficultUsing professional grant writers Available grant sites

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com14

Direct Mail Best PracticesList, list, list!Clean up donor listPurchase or create best acquisition list possibleDenali FSP, PIP, Motznik#10s and remitsMake sure you have nonprofit status & mailer IDStart horizontal string with $50 Buy envelopes in bulk and spray www.envelopes.comDonor centric letterAlways ask yourself who is my donor?Make the donor the hero (Jeff Brooks and Tom Ahern)More in Telling the Right Story ModuleA picture tells a thousand storiesAlways have a match!The power of the PS (always offer online or website giving)

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com15

Direct Mail Best Practices Cont.Postal Design RegulationsSizes Postcard, Letter, FlatMailing panelAutomationMailer ID and NPO statusNon-Profit Rate 12c vs. 25c vs 49cList ManagementNational Change of Address (NCOA)Always run NCOA before mailing w mail house

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com16

...that motivate donors to giveHow to tell stories

If people in your organization are saying this, your fundraising will fail...Weve got to tell our story!

Your story is the wrong story

The real story is the donors story

Show me how I can change the world through your organization!

Donors give for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with how awesome you are.

221/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com


1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com


1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

... thats why bragging is irrelevant in fundraising.Your job is to connect their values and money with your cause.

... by making it clear they are the hero in the fundraising situation.

3 ways to tell a story in fundraising(one right, one wrong, one half-right)

Organization as heroHeavy on facts & numbersLight on youJargonBoring bullets

Organization as heroHeavy on facts & numbersLight on youJargonBoring bulletsJUST DONT!

Beneficiary as heroTends to be over-writtenLight on youQuestionable relevance

Beneficiary as heroTends to be over-writtenLight on youQuestionable relevancePROCEED WITH CAUTION

Donor as heroColloquialLots of youReveals why Im writingLeads to CTA

5 hints for donor-focused fundraising stories

Say you a lot#1Im writing to you because...You can help.The difference you can make will amaze you.Your donation will go to work immediately.

Put the donor in the story#2I wish you could see it.Youd understand right away.Im so thankful to have friends like you.

Write like your Aunt Ruth#3(Not like the incredible Hemingway that you are.)

Keep your heart on your sleeve#4It broke my heart.Ive never seen anything so inspiring.I thank God for people like you.

Avoid statistics#5(Facts and numbers undermine even the best stories.)

Be Yoda.(Your donor is Luke Skywalker.)

There is no try!Only donate!

Interested? Lets talk:Jeff Brooks, Creative Director, TrueSense Marketing

Email: jeff.brooks@truesense.comBlog: futurefundraisingnow.comTwitter: @jeffbrooksLinkedIn

5 Minute Break1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com42


Digital & Social Media forEffective Fundraising

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

43Denali FSP Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com 907 250-8488

Digital & Social Media Overview441/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

45Goals & Dashboard

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

46Why Online?Younger donors very comfortable with online communication and donating 2014 it was 9% of all giving, 2015 67% of donors aged 40-59 gave a donation online (2010 47%)1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

47When1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

48The Big Four Digital & Social MediaWebsite, Google, Facebook & EmailWebsite is the key to all online donationsAudit websiteCheck all links and look at on mobile platformCreate best practices landing page and donation pageGoogleAdWords Display NetworkGoogle Grants for nonprofitsFacebookPower EditorCustom audiencesLook alike audiencesEmailListSubject lineLinks and buttons that work on mobile1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

49Website Home Page

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

50Website Home Page cont.

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

51Website Donation Page

Trust marks are very important1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

52Website Donation Page cont.

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

53Website Donation Page cont.

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

54Social Media Checklist

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

55GoogleGoogle for NonprofitsGoogle GrantsGoogle+ NonprofitsGoogle One TodayGoogle My BusinessGoogle Display NetworkGoogle AdWords ExpressYouTube (Google) Nonprofit Program1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

56Google for Nonprofits

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

57Google Grants

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

58VideoBudget and create for website and YouTube or Vimeo1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

59YouTube Nonprofit Program

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

Facebook nonprofit pageFacebook boosted postFacebook event

60Facebook1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

61Facebook Page

Fill out everything in the About tabCreate call to action button either Contact Us or Donate Now1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

62Facebook Boosted Post

1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

63How to Create a FacebookBoosted Post w/LinkOpen FacebookWrite post Please support us with a donation this yearKeep it shortAdd link (URL) to your donation pageSchedule post Boost post (click Boost button)Choose People you choose through targetingChoose location local cities and areaChoose age 21+ unless youth nonprofitChoose interests that are like your nonprofitChoose $20-$150 depending on budgetBoost post for 7 days Reschedule post each week for duration of campaign1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com

Template is available in toolkit63Denali FSP Fundraising Consultants - info@denalifsp.com 907 250-8488

64Email Signature for allStaff/Volunteers1/20/2016Denali Fundraising Consul