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Trend in Pet care to feed only nutrient dense,allergy sensitive, healthy food and treats.

Many argue that it will better the health andextend the life of your pet.

Foley Dog Treat Company Inc. Independently owned and operated. Formerly known as “Dog’ n It PremiumProducts” Renamed after 100% purchase fromformer owner.

In operation for 15 years in theLower Mainland, BC and distributedCanada wide since 2010.

Manufactured in Nanaimo, BC. Industrial Bakery.

Jerky, Bully Sticks, Antlers, rawhide

Freeze Dried



Bully Sticks, Antlers, Chews, Jerky. Bully Sticks are made from Bull Penis usually out

of South America. Antlers- newer craze of same thing. Jerky dried preserved meat leather.

Currently associated with Salmonella poisoningout of China. Either directly packaged in China orthe product is sourced then packaged in USAand Canada. Most Recalls as a result ofSalmonella.

Freeze dried- a couple of places in Canadathat use this process, or imported from USA.

Drying chucks of meat , tripe, liver. The question is where the meat is sourced?

These treats are usually soft.Sometimes treats are extruded then baked hard.

In the process of extrusion, emulsified chicken meal,beef meal, turkey meal is mixed with corn, soy orwheat grains. Then flavors, colors and preservativesare added to the product. The meal is then squeezedthrough a tube, steamed cooked and cut.

An argument can be made that extruded product haslow nutritional value, and what value is in the productis over processed and preserved with harshchemicals.

This form of making animal feed is inexpensive andwidely used.

BAKED. Foley Dog Treat Company Inc. We take original ingredients and mix them,

cut them and bake them then dry them topreserve them. Very few treats produced thisway on a mass scale.

There are a handful of large manufacturers ofdog food in Canada and the United States.

Three main large companies are DiamondFoods, Menu Foods and Mars Pet Care.These large plans manufacturer food for severaldifferent labels and private Brands.

For example Menu food manufacturers food for :

Manufactures pet foods 8 Falconer DriveStreetsville, ON

Foods manufactured:Americas Choice, Preferred Pets ,Authority, Award Best Choice, Big Bet, Big, Red Bloom, Blue Seal, Breeder's Choice ,Cadillac ,Castor & Pollux Pet Works, Feline Cuisine Fine, Feline Cat, Food Lion Foodtown, Giant Companion, Giant Eagle, Great Choice, Hannaford, Health Diet Gourmet, Cuisine Hill Country Fare, Hy-Vee, Iams, J.E. Mondou, La Griffe, Laura Lynn, Li'l Red Loving Meals, Master Choice Medi-Cal, Meijer's Main Choice ,Mighty Dog Pouch, Mixables,Natura Pet Products, Natural Life, Natural Ultramix, Nature's Logic,Nature's Variety, Neura, Newman's Own Organics, Nu Pet, Nutriplan , Nutro (Nutro Max, Nutro Max Gourmet Classics, Nutro Natural Choice, Nuro Ultra)Old Mother Hubbard, Ol'Roy Canada, Ol'Roy US ,Paws Performatrin, UltraPetcurean, PetNutritionPet ,Essentials Pet Pride Pet Pride - Good n Meaty, Precise Pet Products, Presidents Choice, Price Chopper, Priority Canada Priority US Publix Roche Brothers Roundy's Save-A-Lot Special Blend Schnucks Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans Shep Dog, Sophistacat ,Special Kitty Canada Special Kitty US, Springfield Prize Sprout Stop & Shop Companion, Stuzzy Gold Tops Companion Triumph, TrulyWegman's, Bruiser Wegmans , Weis Total Pet ,Western Family Canada Western, Family US White Rose, Winn Dixie, Wysong, Your Pet

Consumer thinks that they are gettingdifferent food for their animal BUT they arepotentially getting the same food under adifferent label.

Extruded food and treats run the risk ofsalmonella bacteria because of difficultywith cleaning the machinery used to makethe food.

Salmon with Honey CarrotsDuck with Honey Sweet Papaya

Liver with Harvest PumpkinAngus Beef with Fresh BlueberriesPrairie Bison with Saskatoon BerryVenison with Blueberry and Apple

Beef with Blueberry

Sweet and loaded with Omega’s

Ingredients: Pea Flour, Flax, Salmon, carrots, honey, baking powder

Super antioxidant Saskatoon Berries

Ingredients: Pea Flour, Flax, Bison, Saskatoon Berries, baking powder, Cinnamon

Antioxidant Blueberries

Ingredients: Pea flour, flax, Angus Beef,blueberries,

Apple for flavinoids

Ingredients: Pea Flour, flax, Venison, apple, blueberry, cinnamon, baking powder

Pumpkin Aids Digestion

Ingredients: pea flour, flax, beef liver, pumpkin puree, baking powder, cinnamon

Duck a great alternative to chicken

Ingredients: Pea flour, flax, duck, honey, papaya, baking powder, cinnamon

Injection and Hormone Free Meats Free Range venison, beef, beef liver and bison. Cage

free duck, wild pacific salmon.Grain free yellow pea flour (Chana) ground locally, high in protein, easily digestible Dogs are sensitive to wheat and many allergic to

wheat- dry itchy skin, red patches, runny eyesFlax Source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids Promotes brain function Healthy coat and skin

Cranberries, Blueberries, Saskatoon Berries

• Super Berries with antioxidant properties topromote a healthy immune system

Pumpkin, papaya, carrots, apple Aids in digestion, fiber and are

antioxidants Phytonutrients that could protect against cancer

Six skus, large bag 454 grams (1 Pound) Canadian flag , made in BC. Biscuits are hand cut, a variety of sizes. Window to see product. Fully bilingual. Zip lock stand up pouch , shelf life two

years (at least).

We are sought after by consumers because : We are independent. Our treats are optimal for dogs with

sensitivities. GRAIN FREE simple whole ingredients. No preservatives, no added salt, fat or sugar. Injection and Antibiotic free lean free range

meats, all human grade meats.

Manufactured in Nanaimo, 100% Canadianowned.

Ingredients sourced from Lower Mainland andBC, Canada .

Oven baked not extruded to maintain nutrientvalue and flavor.

Make a dough then cut it and bake it. Crunchy, breakable, great for a dog’s teeth. Rich in Omega 3 Essential fatty acids. Antioxidant and nutrient dense fruits and