Toastmasters Speech: All About Chocolate

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<p>All About Chocolate</p> <p>All About ChocolateAll you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.Charles M. SchulzDecadent AgendaWhere does Chocolate come from?Is Chocolate an indulgence?How can we enjoy some more Chocolate?!</p> <p>Cacao (kuh-kah-oh) tree</p> <p>AKA Theobroma cacaoWhere Does Chocolate Come From?Mayans- 600 ADChristopher ColumbusCortesMass production: Barcelona 1780First chocolate bar: Britain early 1800s</p> <p>4To Eat or Not to Eat?A guilt-free (in moderation) treat that can:Lower cholesterol Lower heart disease riskPrevent strokesPrevent memory decline</p> <p>Chocolate: How Do I Love Thee?Let me count the ways</p> <p>(Hershey) KISS: Keep It Super Simple</p> <p>How to Eat Chocolate: A Delicious Demonstration!</p>