Matta rice whole grain for a healthy life. Matta rice online

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Daksh farm, a small family owned farm growing and processing whole grain matta rice is currently selling its products online at . A specialized mobile app too is also developed for sales of the same.

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  • 1. Whole Grain Rice Health perspective

2. In IT companies. 40% are obese 50% suffer from gastritis and 12% are infertile That is the statistics emerging out of an independent survey conducted on IT and IT-enabled services sector employees in Chennai, by a private firm- the Anti-Ageing Clinic. 3. Employees sit in front of computers for most of the day and then overeat, mainly carbs. So, they do not get a balanced diet. They burn the midnight fuel and get irritated in the daytime. So, they have cravings for food with high-carb content, like chocolates and pasta and pizza, and high calories is a dangerous factor it-employees-survey_312590.html?utm_source=ref_article 4. Obesity leads to 2-4% loss in productivity. It has been established by a research conducted by Duke University in 2007 An obese individual takes 13 days off more than a non-obese individual. 5.2% productivity loss. (Around 10 national holidays) Medical costs for obese employees are higher - by at least 77%on an average 5. OBESITY INVITES Coronary heart disease. Type 2 diabetes. Hypertension. Hypercholesterolemia. Stroke. Osteoarthritis and lot more 6. Introducing Whole Grain Rice by Daksh Farm From Obesity to Diabetic this rarest and healthiest rice can fight it out. With higher percent of bran content from 60% to 80% this magical rice can work wonders. Visit us for more info on health benefits. 7. Where to Buy? Get it online at and its home delivered. For orders above Rs-350