Friday Lunchtime Lecture - Stone Soup: Neighbor Feeding Neighbor

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November 14, 2014: Carter Vickery, Senior GIS Analyst at Wake County GIS, presents Stone Soup: Neighbor Feeding Neighbor Stone Soup: A platform to help those who need food, or those with food to donate, find food pantries in their area. Individuals in need can also register to get alerts when food is available. Food pantries can register to keep their information up to date. Come hear the story and how this collaboration seeks to feed a need in the Community. Stone Soup is the winning team from the 2014 NC Datapalooza open data competition.


  • 1. Stone Soup: Neighbors Feeding Neighbors Open Data & The Stone Soup Project ODI Lunchtime Lecture Series November 14, 2014

2. Our Team Aaron Terry, BCBSNC Karthik Puttichanda, BCBSNC Bill Scanlon, Wake County Carter Vickery, Wake County Chris Mathews, Wake County Alesia Hardy, Independent Consultant Bruce Williams, Independent Consultant David Meisner, Independent Consultant 3. Our Story 4. Mission: The stone soup team has formed to fill a need in the community. Our mission is to provide seamless, quality, easy to access information about food resources 5. Stone Soup Goal: Our team will create a scalable product that is easy to maintain and update 6. Food Insecurity - the percentage of the population who did not have access to a reliable source of food during the past year (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Highly correlated with negative health outcomes An addressable issue Food Insecurity Important & Addressable 7. Food Insecurity Impacts Health Source: Robert Wood Foundation, 2014 8. Food Insecurity is an Issue in North Carolina 9. A Fragmented Market 10. The app will allow customers and service providers to search for Food Resources based on location and day of availability 11. Donors will be able to contribute monetarily or find gaps in resources 12. Business Model Platform to connect donors, food providers, & those in need Hyper-local Those in need / advocates find help in their area Local businesses find donation opportunities Others can donate / find where to volunteer 13. Next Steps Executive Sponsors: Enlist support from local businesses & community leaders Experience Design: Interviews / Engage Community & Gather Feedback Push Technology Integration Engage Team to Brainstorm Ways to Keep the Data Updated 14. Interviews Dorcas Ministries North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks InterFaith Food Shuttle Community of Hope Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation Carying Place Wake County Human Services 15. Getting the Word Out 16. Continue to Add Ingredients to the Project Build User Profiles Feedback Loop Push Technologies Brainstorm Ways to Engage Providers to Keep the Data Up to Date Continue to Use Open Data to identify areas for Pop Up / Mobile Markets 17. Open Data: Catalyst for Community Participation