China fishery group promoting sustainable fishing

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China Fishery Group- Promoting Sustainable Fishing

About China Fishery GroupIt is one of the leading companies that provide sourcing, distribution, processing and selling of the seafood products. It provides natural healthy protein each day across the world. The main objective of this company is to secure the access to the abundant and non-utilized water resources for meeting the dietary requirements of the consumers across the world. It offers high standard seafood products that assure safety and quality. This organization is totally committed in providing sustainable seafood resources. It is considered as the global fishery company that has access to fish in worlds most popular fishing grounds like Peru.

Fishmeal and Fish Oil- high protein content China Fishery is one of the largest producers of fish meal and fish oil in the world. Fish meal has high protein content and it is used as one of the important ingredients in aquaculture feed for fishes, poultry, pigs and other animals. It is one of the best items in the agricultural industry. The Fish oil is considered as the distilled item after the production of fish meal. It contains high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids. The production facilities of this group in Peru are certified under the International Fishmeal and Fish oil Organization.

China Fishery Fleet- use latest fishing technologiesChina Fishery work use modern fish management techniques with the use of sonar fish finding technology along with a support vessel that helps in at-sea processing and shipment. This helps in improving the fleet operations, reduce manpower and fuel consumption. The fleet management technologies help in reducing carbon footprint during fishing operations. We are operating Namibia, Africa from the year 2012. It also produces frozen products that are exported across the globe.

Contract Supply Business- expanding business worldwide If you look within the contract Supply Business, China Fishery Group buys the fish from the regions of North Pacific, mainly the species- Alaskan Pollock for the short-term contract to resale the items in the market. This type of trading business has indicated a smaller portion of the Groups revenues and also the profit as the Fishmeal and Fish oil business in Peru has expanded largely.

SustainableFishingChina Fishery Group promotes sustainable fishing at the most abundant fishing grounds. It mainly emphasize on harvesting the seafood items in such a manner that is will not harm the water resources. It utilizes modern fleet management procedures to enhance fishing at the most under-utilized fishing grounds.

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