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<p>TheZygor Guideswere developed by the legendary pro WoW player John Zygor Cook, who is known for maxing out dozens of characters incredibly fast. HisZygor Guides have also become legendary in the WoW community, and the latest version,Zygor Guides 2.0, carries on this legacy for both Horde and Alliance factions.First off, this is an in-game guide, which means that all of the instructions appear on your screen within the game, so you dont have flip through a book or alt-tab to look at an ebook. This makes it incredibly easy to use, with a dynamic on-screen arrow and instructions telling you exactly where to go.This easy to use interface, combined with the strategy used to level up makes this the fastest leveling guide we have seen.Gone are the days of grinding endless mobs to level-up. The leveling up is done by questing 100% of the time. The junk quests that only serve to slow down your progress have been eliminated, so that you are left with a simple and efficient path to follow, all the way to level 85.This is what most good leveling guides do though. What sets Zygor apart is their smart injection system which automatically customizes and adjusts the guide to your characters level and quest history.This means that the guide is easy to use with characters of any level. It instantly determines which steps in the guide you have completed. And the real stand-out feature is that it analyzes the incomplete steps and determines whether or not it is necessary to go back and complete them.</p> <p>Complete the missing steps and you will be in-sync with the guide in minutes. This is a process that can take hours or days with other guides.This feature is exclusive toZygor, and makes using the guide with a pre-leveled character really easy. There are still a few bumps in the system, such as the fact that you have to manually skip over many of the flight path steps, but it is by far the fastest and simplest system there is.Another great advantage to this smart injection system is that it detects when you are ahead of the guide and immediately starts skipping completed and unnecessary steps. This allows you to play the game the way you like it without being locked-in to the leveling guide. This means you can use Recruit-a-Friend, heirloom items, run instances, PVP, or do things with your friends without getting out of sync with the guide.This is huge leap forward compared to every other guide we reviewed. In fact, many of the other guides specifically tell you not to do anything other than strictly follow theleveling guide!</p> <p>Verdict:Easy to use guide for all classes and levels. A must-have for pre-leveled characters. Updated for Patch 4.3. Runs on Mac and Windows, includes free lifetime updates and a money-back guarantee. 100% legal. The fastest leveling we have seen our top choice.</p> <p>WarCraft Zygor WoW Guide</p>