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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

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DVD and Licensee Update 7 08 08 Anchor Bay/Starz Media

Text of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

DVD Property LaunchStreet Date: 9/23/08

Licensing Highlights A+ Licensee List Comprehensive Retail Launch

Fisher Price National Launch 4 skus, Mid-August, 2008

Accounts All major Mass accounts Marketing Plan: TV push behind Disco Dancing Wubbzy First run to begin tentatively 8/18. Additional spots to run during DVD release. Spots will also run 8 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Focus on Nickelodeon Channels, Cartoon Network, Family Channels Cross-Sell 500,000 DVD inserts in Wubbzy Toy Product Aug 2008

Fisher PriceFisher Price Gaming Site Live: July 2008

Scholastic Product 5 skus, mid-July 2008, 1 sku, Oct 2008

Accounts: All Major Accounts including Grocery and Drug Marketing Plan: No marketing plan Toys R Us Exclusive Launch Launched January 8, 2008 #7 BEST Scholastic Title!

Cross-Sell DVD Back of Book ads in 500,000 Wubbzy books Summer/Fall 2008 TBD

DVD advertised on

Simon and Schuster Product 5 skus, Jul 1, 2008 3 skus, Oct 28, 2008

Accounts:All Major Accounts including Grocery and Drug

Marketing Plan: No marketing plan Cross-Sell DVD Back of Book ads in 500,000 Wubbzy books Summer/Fall 2008 Home page call-out and Wubbzy page Sept 2008

DVD advertised on DVD mention in Simon Says Consumer Newsletter

Hasbro Product 5 skus, Mid-July 2008

Accounts Target, Wal-Mart, TRU.

Marketing Plan No Marketing plan

Brighter Minds Product 1 skus, Nov 1, 2008 Accounts: All Major Accounts Marketing Plan: Will be doing a major marketing push. Details are in progress. Cross-Sell DVD inserts in Wubbzy CD Rom Product Nov 2008 DVD advertised on and new Brighter Minds gaming site Summer/Fall 2008 DVD mention in Brighter Minds Newsletter Sept 2008

Wubbzy CD Rom Game

Ty Beanie Babies Product 3 skus, Fall 2008

Accounts Walgreens, CVS, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Hallmark

Marketing Plan: No Marketing Plan

Unique Party Supplies Product Multiple skus, Fall 2008 Stickers, Tatoos, Party Invitations, Plates, Napkins, Balloons, etc

Accounts Party City, Walgreens, CVS, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Hallmark

Marketing Plan No Marketing Plan

Cross-Sell Possible Party City Tie-In Promotion

DVD ReleaseStreet Dt: Sept. 23, 2008

$16.98 SRP Over 90 Min. Running Time Loaded with Bonus FeaturesNot Final ArtTitle Wow! Wow! Wubbzy UPC 0 1313 82176-8 4 Item # P2176 Genre Children's SRP $16.98 Run Time 91 Min. Rating NR Year 2007

National Ad CampaignHuge Marketing Launch ! 300+ MM Impressions

National PromotionsGenerating Over 110 MM Impressions! In-School Programs Through ScholasticOver 10mm Impressions Wubbzy dedicated Book Fair header 11,000 schools

National Cross-PromotionsOver 100 mm Impressions

Parenting Magazine Promotion Generating Over 30 MM Impressions!Family Road Trip Contest Nationally Integrated Marketing Promotion June 2008 Spring 2009 In-Book & On-Line Wubbzy Exposure E-Mail Blasts 6/10 and 9/16 500,000 impressions20,000 Page Viewsin 1st 6Days!Microsite


On-Line Exposure 6/10 11/30 ROS Banner Ads, Roadtrip Microsite, Contest Submission Page In-Book July and November Parenting Magazine Ads On-Sale 6/10 and 10/14 22 mm impressionsPrintAd


Retail SupportTotal Est. Sell-In: 350,000 - 400,000 Units!

Retailer Exclusives Target Soundbook

Costco / Kmart / BJs Soundtrack

Toys R Us Colorforms



Sams Club Ty Plush Gift PackColorforms

Grocery / Drug Activity Pack(Coloring Book, Tattoos and Stickers)

All Other Lenticular O-Card

Ty Gift Pack

Retail Support

Street Date Ads Target Kmart

Holiday Book Ads Target Wal-mart Kmart

Merchandising End Cap, New Release, Displays, and Nickelodeon Section placement in some retailers

In-store Giveaways TRU Geoffreys Birthday Party Wubbzy sticker giveaway Handing out 122,000 Wubbzy sticker sheets 80,000 consumers in one day 9/27

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