Top 5 best i pad password manager apps

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Password manager for iPad provide you with a convenient way to manage your passwords over safety. Here I list the top 5 best iPad password manager apps for you.


<ul><li>1.Top 5 Best iPad PasswordManager Apps</li></ul> <p>2. As a proud owner of iPad, we always use it to surf the Web,and very often, we need to register the websites andproblems arise here - if we create new accounts alwaysusing the same password that would not be safe. However,its too difficult for us to remember all the accounts if wecreate each of them with a different username andpassword. Then, write them down on a paper? Or on anexcel document? No, it can be insecure as the same. So, isthere any way that can track all the passwordsconveniently and safely? Or is there any app that can storewebsite names and passwords and other personalinformation? Password manager apps for iPad provide you with aconvenient way to manage your passwords over safety.Here I list the top 5 best iPad password manager apps foryou, so that you can keep your passwords secure in oneplace. 3. 1Password for iPad 1Password for iPad application is a unique and handle password manager, offering iPad users safe andefficient password management with superior UI design. 1Password for iPad securely stores the website names andthe corresponding passwords, and even the website websiteaddress. Whats more, it has the ability to save the creditcards and membership numbers and such important stuffs.With this security iPad app, you can log into your desiredwebsites with a single tap even if you are hit with a suddenbout of amnesia! Thanks to the Hardware-accelerated AESencryption and Auto-Lock, you can be sure that yourinformation is safely protected even if your iPad is stolen orlost. Besides, it has a Data Backup &amp; Restore option forWindows, Mac and Linux. Would you like to take your secure passwords with you?Download 1Password for iPad now at Price: $9.99! 4. DataVault Password Manager DataVault Password Manager developed byAscendo Inc offers an easy and creativemethod to store all kinds of passwords, pinnumbers, credit cards information and otherimportant personal information and protectthe data secure with advanced encryptiontechnology. This password manager isappropriate for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch. With DataVault Password Manager,everything is encrypted. And What is evenmore exciting, it provides extensive flexibility -it even supports iCloud backup and with itsiCloud sync function, everything becomes easyfor multiple iOS devices. Aside from these, ifyou have questions and e-mail them, they willgive you a quick and detailed answer within24h - very intimate service. Download Now ($9.99) 5. mSecure By using the ultra-secure 256bit blowfish encryption, mSecure can effectively protect your private information like account, user name, password and so on. More interestingly, it has a Password Generator which can create un-guessable passwords. mSecure keep track of and secure and secure your data so you dont need to worry about your website log in, bank accounts, credit card numbers even if your iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) is lost or stolen. This excellent app has an intuitive interface, so you will feel easy to handle. If you have so many usernames and passwords, why not get this application? It can organize and list all your login information. 6. MiniKeePass - Secure PasswordManager MiniKeePass is one of the most popularpassword managers. The advantage ofthis application is that its open-source -its Free. This app can be used oniPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With MiniKeePass, you only need toremember one master password and youcan access to all for MiniKeePass savesyour passwords, both online and off, in asafe database. Note that you should keepthe master password safe. Download it for Free on Your iPad 7. Wallet Wallet bears a simple &amp; beautiful userinterface. Its the easiest way to keep allyour sensitive and secretive data secure.You can store your sensitive informationlike internet passwords, software licensekeys, credit card numbers, etc., in thisflexible, personal database - Its really likea personal "wallet", right? Most importantly, Manual sync works verycleanly between iOS version and Macversions using WiFi. Also great that it hasthe ability to sync syncs all of your dataanywhere over-the-air using Dropbox,MobileMe, or another WebDav server. 8. Summary Besides the above passwordmanagement apps, there are alsosome notable Apps security apps likeoneSafe, PasswordWallet, SplashIDSafe for iPad, etc. Managing andkeeping your iPad secure will save youa lot of time and reassure you. Apart from installing secure apps foryour iPad, you may also want to knowsome iPad tips likeHow to Delete Apps from Your iPad,How to Increase iPad Battery Life,How to Sync Safari Bookmarks to iPad. </p>